Monday, January 9, 2017

15 months old AGG

Seriously, time slow down!  How is it 2017?  How do I have a nearly 5 year old and my baby is about to start walking?!?!  Anna Grace has continued to be a happy, happy little lady.  Seeing this little smiling face everyday is good for the soul.

Weight:  22 lbs 3 oz (62th percentile) Up to 2lbs in 3.5 months
Height: 31 inches (59th percentile) Up 1 inch in 3.5 months
Head: 43.3 cm 
Eating:  Anna Grace is down to 3 bottles a day at home (when she wakes up, before nap and bed time).  At school they are trying to only give her a sippy cup!  Eating is definitely one of Anna Grace's favorite times of the day.  She still really loves to feed herself and will never say no to food....she'll just keep eating and eating.  LOL.  Some of her favorite foods are beans, any meat, apple sauce, lima beans and quesadillas.  She isn't a huge fan of fruit but likes most squeezy packets (I still make pureed fruit for her morning cereal).  She loves it when I make soup and still loves baby oatmeal cereal mixed with apple sauce for breakfast.              
Development:  Anna Grace is super close to walking!  About a month ago she started taking steps.  She can stand up from the squatting position (which means she finally started pulling herself up to the standing position).  Her favorite thing to do is crawl up the stairs.  NoT fUn!!!  Unlike her brother, this child has absolutely NO fear.  We were able to answer yes to most of the developmental questions at her 15 month check up.  She says mama and dada (and knows who is who), yes and this.  She shakes her head no when she doesn't want something (half the time she does it because she thinks it's funny).  She just started giving us high fives....she thinks it's hilarious!  
Clothes:  Size 4 diaper and clothes18 months (that big belly is hard to cover!).  Size 4 shoe
Sleeping:  Anna Grace has continued to do great sleeping in her room.  Most nights she is super easy to put to bed.   Bottle, rock her for a few minutes, and lay her down in her crib!  Baby girl goes to be around 7:30pm and wakes up between 6am-7am.  Unfortunately, we've had some rough nights over the last 2 months due to sickness.  But, on a normal day she does awesome!   Nap time is usually from 12-2.        
Things She Loves:  She still loves baby dolls, remote controls and my iPhone.  She loves playing with William and she'd crawl up the stairs all day long if you'd let her.  Her newest thing to do is share.  :)  Bath time is still a favorite and she's got to have a paci at night.  Daddy is also a top favorite these days.  "Daddy's Girl" is no joke.  She has him wrapped. around. her. finger.   
Things She Hates:  For whatever reason, she's not a fan of getting her diaper changed lately.  She always wants to be moving and this slows her down!  She tends to get frustrated when you don't do what she wants (since she can't tell us yet).  Sadly she shows us she's mad by biting.  She doesn't bite hard but puts her little mouth/teeth on you to get your attention.  LOL.  I laugh now....won't be funny if she starts doing it for real.  If you come to our house you'll probably hear William say "gentle baby" several hundred times.  :)                  
Health:  Poor baby girl has had some bad luck lately.  The week before Thanksgiving she started acting like she didn't feel well.  We took her to the pediatrician and everything looked okay (ears, throat, etc).  While we were in Texarkana she threw up at least once a day and ended up with fever one day.  A couple of weeks later, while in Midland, she had 104 temperature for two days and finally a Strep Throat diagnosis.  Christmas night Anna Grace started throwing up and has been on/off since then.  :(  Gordon had a stomach bug NYE, so I think they've been passing it back and forth.  During the day she is her smiley self and rarely complains/cries.  Night time has been rough, but hopefully we are getting all these germ bugs out of the way now and she'll have a stellar immune system very soon! 
Anna Grace still goes to Physical Therapy once a week.  She is doing great and has really taken a liking to Ms. Laura.  We had a good check up with Neurology we just gotta get baby girl's eye straighten out (literally....hehe).  She may end up having surgery on them in the next year or two and will possibly be wearing glasses soon.    
Other:  Our little Anna Grace is finally getting some hair!  It's coming in a lot darker than William's did.  I'd love it if she had dark black hair (I know, I know the chances of that are slim).  She is constantly cutting a new tooth.  Right now she has 9.5 teeth (and some of her left side molars are trying to make their way out).  Our sweet baby girl is no longer in the "baby room".  The week before Christmas she moved rooms and has done great.  She was a bit spoiled in the baby room so we are super happy with how well she transitioned.  

This little lady just adores her big brother (can you tell!).  She is such a bright light and breath of fresh air in our life.  She keeps us moving, smiling and laughing!!!

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