Monday, February 27, 2012

6 months pregnant

Today I had a doctor's appointment.  Well, actually I had a nurse visit and an ultrasound.  The doctor's office called this morning and said she was out sick but to still come in.  This is the 3rd time I've gone to the doctor and not been seen by a physician.  Booo.  I can't say I'm very happy with how things are going in the doctor department BUT at least I'm still feeling great and little William is doing well.  The ultrasound today was to check my cervix length.  It did shorten a little bit from my last visit but is still a normal length.  Baby's heart rate was 167.  He has become quite an early riser.  He used to become really active around 9am but over the past 2 weeks that's changed to 6am!    He's quite a wiggle worm from 6-9 and again around 2 and then when I'm home from work around 7.  He really gets moving when I play music for him (I put one of my iPod ear phones on my belly and play a lullaby CD). 
My next doctor's appointment is in 4 weeks.  I get to do the yummy glucose test and I'll have another ultrasound done.  After that the nurse says I'll start going in every 2 weeks.  Here's some belly pics from 24 and 25 weeks preggo.

I still can't believe how fast time is flying by!  My mom and mother-in-law are coming into town on the weekend of March 17th for my first babyshower. We are also going to start decorating the nursery that week!  I can hardly wait.  I went to market in Dallas with my MIL back in January and found some fabulous things.  Here's a picture of our inspiration.

I knew I wanted a cowhide rug in the room.  When we saw this we thought it would be perfect for a nursery and would work for a boy or a girls room.  I've really tried to think long term when buying things for the nursery.  I wanted items that would either grow with him as he gets older or would look good in other areas of our home.  My second shower here in Houston is the last weekend in March.  Gordon's brothers (and their significant others) are hosting it for us.  They wanted G to be included in all the baby fun.  :)  If all goes as planned the nursery will be done by then! 
Until then I have more closet cleaning and a RODEO weekend planned for us.  There's nothing like rodeo season here in Houston!!! 


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