Sunday, August 4, 2013

15 months

I know I've said this before but this stage is so much fun too!  William just cracks us up.  He is so sweet and easy going.  He definitely keeps us running (more than ever before) but it's so fun.  He waves and says, "hi!" to everyone he comes into contact with.  Our home is full of lots of happy smiles!

15 months old

Weight- 17 lbs 15 ounces (up 14 ounces in 3 months) ~12% on preemie chart and 0% on regular
Height- 29.25 inches (up 1 inch in 3 months) ~48% on preemie and 1% on regular
Head Circumference- 19.99 inches (same) ~25% on preemie and 60% on regular

Eating- This is the biggest area of change!!!  About 4 weeks ago William finally started being more interested in what we were eating than his pureed food.  This has helped me out tremendously!  I still nurse William in the morning when he wakes up and before he goes to bed.  Before we leave for school he eats some cheerios and once he's at school he has yogurt and bananas for breakfast.  I send 10 ounces of bmilk to school.   So, he drinks that and water from his sippy cup.  I've been mixing a little bit of whole milk in with the bmilk and so far he's done fine.  We have so much frozen milk there really isn't any reason to do whole milk quite yet but I figured it's good to get him used to the different taste.  At school, they have a morning snack that's usually puffs and for lunch he eats lunch meat or chicken, a some noodles/ravioli and cheese.  For snack time he has fruit and either cheerios or baby gold fish.  Dinner time is pretty much whatever we are having.  He loves chicken, black beans (any beans really), sweet potatoes, avacado and he's obsessed with bananas and cheese.  It is so nice to put him in his highchair, cut up some food and watch him feed himself.  :)  He can even feed himself with a fork and spoon (with close supervision of course).   
Sleeping- This area has also gotten easier!  He still wakes up around 2am some nights (maybe every third night) but puts himself back to sleep without us having to go in his room.  He takes one nap a day from 1-3.  Our morning starts at 6:00am.  On the weekends he'll usually lay in bed with us and sleep until 7:00 or 7:30.     
Development- We were able to answer YES to all the developmental questions this check up!  Well, all but one....he still isn't really walking.  He will take steps on his own but not very often.  He does imitate things we do, point to things he wants, can stack 2-3 blocks, says 3+ words (hi, bye, this, mama, dada and ball every once in a while).  He loves climbing up the stairs.  You have to keep your eye on him at all times (and keep all bathroom doors shut....otherwise he goes straight for the toilet bowl)!  Separation anxiety has finally fizzled out (thank goodness).  He is a friendly, happy little guy.   
Clothing size- Size 3 diapers. His PJs are 9 months but most everything else is 12 month.   
Things mommy loves- Hearing him talk and talk and talk cracks me up.  He will point his finger and shake his hand and tell you everything about his day.  When he's really happy he'll lean his head toward you to give you what we call "a head bump".  It's his way of saying "I Love You!"  He smiles really big while he's doing it...which makes it even cuter.  Yes, I melt every single time. 
Things WJG loves- He really is obsessed with bananas.  As soon as he sees me getting one he says, "ohhhhhhhhh".  He loves turning the bath tub facet handles and opening up cabinets.  Tickling him under his chin will make him laugh for hours and he loves to be chased around the house.  He will crawl as fast as he can and keep looking back to see how close you are to getting him.  He just laughs and laughs.  Gordon thinks the two of us are pretty silly.  We can just look at each other at start cracking up.  We. Are. Happy!   
Things WJG doesn't like- When baby boy wants down to play he wants down to play!  Of course, he doesn't like to be told to not do something but that's life.  He's still terrified of the sing and play puppy!   
Funny Dad Moments-  I've mentioned before that G doesn't do well with yucky smelling things.  Well, W can make some yucky diapers these days and the response I get from G is this....."CODE RED, CODE RED, come quick!"  Yep, I'm doomed.   
First time- W went to Top Golf for the first time last month, to Lake Houston and rode a jet ski.  He also had his first popsicle at daycare during the 4th of July Party and got his first kiss from sweet Britton (caught on camera even!). 
From the Doctor-  William got two shots at his 15 months check up.  Besides the flu shot he won't have to get any more until he's 4!  YIPPEEE.  Dr. Freedmen said there was no reason we had to give William eggs right now.  We'll try again the parking lot of the EC.  HAHA.  William still doesn't have any teeth but both my dentist and Dr. Freedmen aren't concerned at this point.  Gordon and I were both late bloomers so he's just following in our footsteps. 

Life is good.  We are happy.  Time is flying by.  So, I take pictures, pictures and more pictures.  I want to remember EVERY. SINGLE. THING.  It's all so special.  He's changing so fast and when he's 17 I'll need to remember these sweet, innocent days!!  :)


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