Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Fun

We've had an extremely busy summer (more on that later) so I've been bad about doing my weekly Wonderful Wednesday post.  So, I thought I'd post a few pictures that we've taken over the past few months.  Between summer vacations, our Sunday music class, and just everyday life we have managed to squeeze in some fun activities between all the "house stuff" we've been dealing with.

Made a stop by the snowcone stand in our neighborhood!  They get crazy busy on the weekends so going on a random Wednesday is the way to go.  I may or may not have asked G to stand in that outrageous line when I was pregnant.  :)

 We've had a million lunches and dinners at Memorial Park.

A couple unforgettable play dates at the Houstonian with some of W's best buds. 

Who says life ends when you have a baby?  Having fun watching Daddy play at TopGolf.  We can hardly wait to sign William up for golf lessons. 

We've even had a few date nights.  The picture above was taken at the new wine bar in Midtown, 3rd Floor. 

We've tried out a few new yogurt places.  The terry cloth outfits William has on in the picture above and below are from BabyGap.  They are on sale now so check it out!  They have been perfect for post swimming.  They dry easy and are super comfy. 

We've gone swimming with the Wilsons (great way to make the kiddos tired!).

Gone on some bike rides while we were in Florida.  Are his flip flops not the cutest things ever?!?!  Here's a similar pair that are on sale now!  They have a strap on the back so they don't fall off....perfect for babies.

And, last but not least, we had some yummy banana cupcakes at Sprinkles in Highland Village during one of our many play dates!
Hope everyone is having a great summer too!  What do y'all do to keep your little ones entertained?  I know I'll need some ideas for next summer. 

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