Friday, August 9, 2013


Well folks, I can not say enough how very glad I am that it's FRIDAY!!  This was a big week for was my first week to not pump at work (I'm sure all my co-workers were secretly rejoicing) AND I worked overtime for the first time since being put on bed rest.  I had actually just worked an overtime shift with Texas Children's VAT (vascular access team) two days before being put on bed rest.  I knew I'd never want to once baby boy was born.  So, 17 months later I took the plunge.  I would normally not give up my day off with William to work but the timing was perfect since I'd gotten 8 days with him and G the week before (during our fabulous trip to Rosemary Beach!).  I'm proud to say I made it....more importantly we all survived.  My sweet husband was so much help this week.  I helped do some staff education so two out of the five days I worked this week were 12 hour shifts.  That meant Gordon was on daddy duty until 8pm!  This week definitely made me appreciate not working those long shifts anymore and my wonderful Wednesday off work.  :)

Momma's Boy

Yep, he's trouble.

Eating a yummy turkey burger!

I can hardly wait to play with this little guy over the next two days!  Tomorrow we are having friends over for a small "sprinkle" shower for baby Perry.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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