Monday, April 21, 2014

Birthday Boy

The past two weekends have been jammed full of FUN!  Both sides of our immediate families came into Houston to celebrate William's 2nd birthday two weekends ago.  Every thing turned out so cute!  We had the best time with our friends, family and the choo choo we rented. 
William's actual birthday was this past Saturday.  It just happened to fall on the weekend of Easter so we were again surrounded by family and friends!  Gordon and I try to split up holidays between my family and his.  Since mine are in West Texas and his are in East Texas we have to pick one or the we generally switch every other holiday.  Gordon will probably appreciate being in West Texas next Easter since the Spring pollen drives his allergies crazy!  (fyi Midland is like a desert so there's little pollen around.  haha)
I have about a million pictures to post from the last 14 days.  Here are just a few from this past Saturday. 

  • Coloring with Chalk
  • Taking it all in!
  • This is the face he gives you when he thinks you're being crazy.  haha
  • This kid LOVES bubbles
  • Happy boy
  • Finally able to blow his own bubbles without eating them all :)
  • Aunt Emily is funny!
We have the little guys two year check up this week.  I'm excited to get all his "stats" for an official 2 year old post!


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