Sunday, April 6, 2014

Trip to Midland

We spent Week 11 in West Texas.  We hadn't been to Midland since Thanksgiving so we were due for a trip.  This was our last flight to take where William flew for free.  :(  Over the past two year William has flown probably 20 times.  Each time is different but I will say in many ways it gets easier.  Mainly because we have less stuff and I'm not nursing!  Anyways, William slept on the flight into Midland and played with coffee creamers on the flight back. 
We had a nice relaxing weekend.  I guess we are pretty predictable people.....the guys went shooting and the girls went shopping.  We had a grown up night out with Dustin and Skye and got to see my grandparents on Sunday evening.  We are starting to learn that dinner out after little to no nap is a bad idea.  William definitely knows what he wants and doesn't want.....when he's tired and not getting his way things can get ugly.  Part of being a parent is making sacrifices....we are all learning to make changes as needed!     
One more reason for the super tired little boy was FAMILY photos!  I can't wait to post them.  Kristi McKnight did his ONE year photo shoot last year so it seemed perfect to do his TWO year shoot with her too.  We needed a family picture so it worked out perfectly.  They are adorable.  :)  All that smiling will make a boy tired.  

  • Lunch at GTCC after church with his Uncle D and Skye.
  • Hanging with Papa
  • Playing in the caterpillar tunnel.
  • Sandbox!
  • Bye Bye, Nana
  • Flying home :)
We didn't fly home until Monday morning so William and I took advantage of being in town and visited the Children's Museum.  Hopefully, I'll post pictures soon (eventhough they are all of William by the trucks....such a boy).


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