Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RODEO Time!!

It's Rodeo season in our neck of the woods!  Every year since I've lived in Houston I've attended the Rodeo.  This time of year means a few things....Tons of fun.  Lots of nights up too late.  Priceless memories. 

Here's a little bit of my Houston Rodeo history......The first few years I attended the rodeo I was a bit spoiled with suite tickets, thanks to a college friend.  I've been with my parents and brother to see Taylor Swift.  Gone while I was pregnant.  Seen George Strait in this arena twice.  Taken my 11 months old because the babysitter cancelled at the last minute.  Paid for too many bike cabs because my feet always hurt by the end of the night.  Stood in long lines for the light rail.  Gobbled down cotton candy with my nearly 2 year old.  Gone with a group of M.D. Anderson kids to see Rascal Flatts.  And I've had some of the best girls nights at the rodeo.  If you're ever in the area during Houston's rodeo season GOOOOO!  Don't let the traffic scare you.  It's well worth the memories.  

  • Mommy and her little cowboy
  • Lovin all the action
  • Selfie with Parker (notice the two little mouths full of pizza!)
  • Blake Shelton with Stacy
  • Easton Corbin with my TCH girls
  • With some of my favorite people!  Enjoying the Wine Garden before the concert.
  • We braved the crowds with these three little things (they loved the bike cab ride).   
Last week I had two girls nights out in a row.  Obviously, that's unheard of these days.  I even got to hit up some of my favorite midtown spots before heading to the rodeo on Thursday and Friday night.  I had the best time but it definitely makes me appreciate my 10:00 bedtime.  :)
I was dying to see Blake Shelton but was never able to find good tickets.  I made Gordon promise he'd take me to one of his concerts in the near future.  And then the NIGHT BEFORE the concert my sweet sister in law called to say she had two tickets for me!  YIPPEE!!!  He was fabulous (and Miranda even came out to sing Home with him).  The next night I saw Easton Corbin with a bunch of my best girl friends.  I have to say I was super impressed.  He put on a wonderful show.  It was a night full of singing, laughing and story telling.  I sure do love my girls and country music!
It's simply amazing how much he's changed in 12 months!  At this rate, he's going to be bull riding before I can blink. 

William's Rodeo Art Work From School

I've enjoyed going to the rodeo since I was just a little girl.  We would go to the Big Spring rodeo with my grandparents every year growing up.  I'm so glad I get to share the same stuff with William!! 


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  1. Yay! Rodeo season is one of the best traditions a town can celebrate. There are so many attractions to see and fun activities to do, while leisurely strolling around. Anyway, I love William's rodeo art work. I'm so glad he is loving what his parents are passionate about as well. Thanks for sharing that, Lindsey! All the best to your little family!

    Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group


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