Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dinner with Friends

A couple of weeks ago we had the best Saturday night with some of our friends and their kids!  Alison and Lindsey came over with their husbands/kids AND Anna even drove out to Katy for dinner with little JB.  Our dinner with friends night started off with 3 trees.  Gordon has been a busy bee working on our yard these days.  He had just bought 3 trees for the backyard and needed a guy friend to help get them into the ground....I guess I'm not strong enough. :)  So, he invited a couple buddies, Cesar and Brett, over to help him (with the promise of cooking them a steak).  Being the party planner I am, I saw a perfect opportunity for a dinner/playdate night!  :)  Even the Barteaus stopped by with their new baby boy! 

The kids have so much fun together....which means the moms have a lot of fun together laughing and catching up with each other.  I'll admit there are some days I miss living in Houston.  But, on nights like this that all disappears.  I'm so happy to have more space for the kids (and all the adults)!  Everyone is happy, happy, happy!   

  • They loved playing with JB (note the other tiny baby at the back of the picture).  It's so great having all the baby toys around still.  They sure do come in handy on nights like this!
  •  Silly kids!  Both the boys in this photo had ear infections.  Sure didn't stop them from having a great night. 
  • Taking JB on a ride. 
We sure are thankful to have such wonderful friends.  I hope these kiddos are friends with each other for a very long time!


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