Saturday, March 15, 2014

Busy Weekends

We had a weekend full of fun with friends 2 weeks ago.  I told Gordon to not make any plans since we'd be running all over Houston for different events....what'd he do.....bought 100+ plants that needed to "get into the ground" that weekend.  Men.  So, during the day Gordon did his yard work and every 30 minutes I went outside to remind him of how of much time he had left.  (More on the master landscaper later)
Saturday evening we drove out to the Woodlands for John Davis and Kendall's Gender Reveal Party!  The Gooding's voted that baby #2 would be another girl.  We were wrong!!!!  They are having a BOY!  Yippppeeeee.  A buddy for William.  :)  Kendall's mother did a great job decorating, the food was yummy and William loved playing with Piper.  I'm pretty sure he freaked John Davis out when he started trying to kiss her!  Little love birds already.  LOL. 
On Sunday afternoon we had Perry's baptism in downtown Houston.  Gordon and I are so excited to officially be able to call her our Goddaughter!  After the baptism we all went to an early dinner in Midtown.  You can't beat hanging out with your best friends, having a new Goddaughter and drinking a margarita at one of your favorite restaurants.  I forgot to bring my camera, but thankfully Cristin took a bunch of pictures.  Hopefully I'll be able to do a post with more pictures soon.

It was a happy, fun filled weekend!  We got to see lots of friends and our front yard is looking great thanks to Gordon's hard work. 

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