Saturday, February 28, 2015

Love Week - Week 7

After our relaxing weekend away to Lake Tahoe......we were thrown back into the real world the day after returning!  I had a doctor appointment that morning followed by a yummy lunch at Chicken Kitchen with my boys.  Then things got good, we picked up my parent's new puppy, Massey,  To say William is in love with her is an understatement.  This child was, and is, obsessed with little Massey.  He was so gentle and careful with her.  He really showed us what a great big brother he'll make one day.  When William tries to say Massey it comes out as "Fifi".  :)  Cutest.  Thing.  Ever.
That Friday, after work, William and I headed to the airport to fly little Massey to West Texas.  I was a little nervous about traveling so late with a toddler and tiny puppy!  But, they did awesome.  They were both passed out by the time the plane was off the ground.  Our weekend didn't slow down.  The next morning my mom and I got up and headed to the Lubbock area for my sister in laws baby shower.  All the traveling really started to catch up to me at that point.  Luckily, I got my yearly fix of Orlando's to pep me up!  William and I were passed out at the hotel that night by 7;30 pm.    

{My little heart breaker was in love with "his" puppy} {William insisted on holding "Fifi" during the car ride}  {He'll play in the sand all day long if you'll let him}  {Helping Aunt Skye open presents}  {Valentines for his friends at school}  {Professional traveler....he does an awesome job!}

When we got back to Midland on Sunday we took a long nap, had lunch at the country club, got to visit with my grandparents over dinner, and watched Cars on the BIG movie screen at my parents house.  We had a great weekend in Midland but were glad to see Daddy when we made it home.   

The next time we're back in West Texas William will have a baby cousin to play with!  

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