Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weeks 1-4 in 2015

2015 is already flying by!  As always, we've stayed busy with our everyday life with a little bit of fun added in each week.  Having 1-2 days off with William during the week if fabulous.  We have so much fun together....and I get so much done during nap time, which makes the weekends even better.  I've even gotten better about going to the YMCA everyday that I'm off work during the week.  William seems to be enjoying the child care they have, I love getting a little exercise in and I figure it's a good lesson to teach William.  Exercise and health are important!  #beagoodrolemodel  

Here's what we've been up to!

WEEK 1:  We spent New Years Day relaxing and playing outside on William's new big truck.  That weekend we had a fun dinner out with friends (and family) at Decker's.  I'm still not sure why William has this crazy face in the last picture. :)

WEEK 2:  William got an A+ at the dentist so we celebrated with a cupcake date later in the day (I locked us out of the car so daddy had to come to the rescue!).  The little guy went on his first movie date with sweet Addi.  They loved Big Hero 6 and kept asking if they could go back after nap time.

WEEK 3: Nana and Papa came to visit for a few days.  There was cupcake making, date night for this mama and daddy, football watching, church going and lots more fun.

WEEK 4:  A day at the zoo.....and of course a CHOO CHOO ride.  William says, "All aboard!" when he sees a train now.  I think this last picture is actually week 5 but oh well.  We had lunch with daddy at our favorite restaurant, Barnaby's.

February is going to be filled with even more fun.  Not only is it my birthday month, which makes it more fun than most months, we also have two trips planned!  One to Lake Tahoe and one to Midland.

Cheers to fun times!  Happy love month everyone.  xoxo  

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