Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 5 of 2015

I'm back!  We have had a busy month.  Although vacationing can be much's rejuvenating but exhausting all at the same time.  The weekend before Gordon and I went to Tahoe we spent some time getting the house extra clean and doing yard work after our morning visit to Little Gym.  When William saw daddy outside mowing he just had to get out there to help!  It was the cutest thing ever.  :)  I'm guessing the chances of him wanting to help with the yard in his teens will be slim to none.  Just one more reason to keep a record of these sweet moments!
Sunday evening Emily and Grant came over to watch the Superbowl with us.  William played in his playroom most of the time but ended up watching some of the second half.  He's a pretty big football fan (who loves to make comments about all the boo boos the players are getting).  I was a little disappointed that the Patriots won.  I'm not a big fan of Tom Brady....he's a bit pouty for my liking.  Here's to hoping the Texans or Cowboys make it to the Superbowl next year!

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