Friday, March 23, 2012

Houston Baby Shower

Last weekend a few of my fabulous friends hosted a shower for me and baby William.  Everything about it was perfect!!! 

My fun filled weekend started on Wednesday night when my mom flew into town.  We (well really my mom!) shampooed the carpets that night so the baby room would have time to dry before we started moving furniture into it the next day.  Thursday morning I went on an early morning walk around Memorial Park since I can't seem to ever sleep past 7:00 or 7:30.  Mom and I had lunch at Barnaby's, got pedicures and then headed home to wait for the rocking chair to be delivered.  We ordered the glider back in February from Le Bebe in Midland.  I was super excited to see what it looked like with the fabric we had chosen.  Good's adorable and super soft!  After that we went to the galleria so my mom could do a little shopping.  My mother in law got into town around 4:00 and that's when the baby room decorating began.  We hired a "handy man" to help put up the curtain rod and to carry all the baby furniture up to the third floor.  Juan was able to put the crib together in record time!
On Friday my mother in law, Jackie, hung paintings and letters on the wall and my mom did all the crib bedding stuff.  William's nursery couldn't be more perfect.  It turned out EXACTLY like I wanted it to.  I'm in love with everything about it and can not wait until the day I'm sitting in this chair holding him!

Saturday we headed out to Katy for the baby shower around 11:00.  I had started feeling really sick the day before around dinner time so I didn't get much sleep that night.  :(  My mom thinks I over did it on Thursday and Friday.  Having a three story home makes everything a little harder!  Lots of up and down to get everything into the nursery plus a ton of errands = one tired mama.  Luckily, I started feeling better by the time I got to Alison's house.  It was a beautiful shower with some of my favorite people.  I love seeing all my girls from M.D. Anderson.  We had a lot of fun years working together and still manage to pick up where we left off whenever we're all back together.  William got a ton of great stuff and a much needed CARSEAT!  Yippee!  We are very blessed. 

Susan, Me and Jackie
Mom and BFF Alison


Alison, Me, Stacy, Ashley and Kami

The rest of the day we relaxed.  We all took a nice long nap and then went to Collina's for some yummy pizza.  Such a productive weekend!  I'm so glad both my mom and MIL were able to come to Houston to celebrate and decorate.  haha.  Once we get the dresser in the nursery I'll post some pics!

Happy to see the third trimester (28 weeks)!!!


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