Thursday, March 29, 2012

Change of Plans

Monday I had my routine doctor appointment.  I was scheduled to do the glucose tolerance test and have another ultrasound done to check my cervix.
Let me start off with a little past history....
At my very first "baby" appointment I was told that I have a bicornuate uterus.  Since I was already 7 weeks pregnant they said it's hard to tell exactly what shape my uterus is since it had already started changing/growing.  Some of the things associated with this "funny" uterus are preterm birth (15-25% chance) usually due to shortened cervix and  malpresentation (baby is breech).  My doctor said my cervix would be checked every 4 weeks starting around week 24 and I would be seen by a maternal fetal medicine physician.  At 19 and 22 weeks I was seen by the maternal fetal medicine physicians where we were given lots of good news.  They said William had a beautiful heart, a healthy looking umbilical cord, all his measurements were good (70th percentile overall), and at 22 weeks my cervix was nice and long at 3cm.  At 25 weeks my cervix was 2.8 cm (still good). 
Now here we are at 29 weeks....
On Monday I went to the doctor without Gordon since we both figured it would be an uneventful appointment.  HA.  Little did I know everything was about to change.  I had my ultrasound done first.  As soon as she started measuring my cervix and I saw 1.8 and 1.9 on the screen I knew that #1 there would be no trip to Jamaica for my little brothers wedding next weekend and #2 bedrest was most likely in my future.  My BP is good at 104/66, I gained 3 lbs since my last visit, and I passed my glucose test with flying colors!  When my doctor came in she was just as shocked as me to see such a change in my cervix length.  I was put on bedrest and scheduled to go back to the MFM doctor 2 days later (which was yesterday).  Overall the appointment went well.  My cervix hasn't changed.  Still 1.8cm.  They did a test called fetal fibronectin that helps to determine if a preterm delivery is going to occur in the next 7-10 days.  Thankfully it came back negative (super happy about that)!  Other good news...William's heartrate was 146 and my amniotic fluid level is good.  Baby boy is measuring a little small.  He went from being in the 70th percentile in February to the 11th.  His estimated weight is 2 lbs 11 oz.  SO, what do we do from here?!?!  We wait and hope the little guy stays put for at least 4 or 5 more weeks.  Until then I'm on strict bedrest.  I can get up to shower, use the bathroom and grab a snack from the kitchen.  No cooking, no cleaning and no other extra curricular activities.  I go back to my doctor in 12 days to have my cervix checked again and to the MFM doctor in 3 weeks to do another growth scan of our little angel.  So, until then all we can do is pray!
I'm super sad to miss my brother's wedding but so thankful that all this happened before we ended up in another country.  I'm hoping we can have a fun post wedding celebration this summer when William can join in on the fun!  We also canceled the Texarkana baby shower but will hopefully have a sip and see sometime this summer.  What will I do with all my free time?  READ, catch up on Grey's Anatomy, watch lots of movies, work on some snapfish photo albums, learn how to use my fancy new camera from my parents, write thank you notes, and daydream about the day I hold my BIG baby boy.

29 weeks 4 day


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