Tuesday, March 6, 2012

26 weeks

There's nothing too exciting to report this week.  I did decide it was finally time to get some maternity jeans.  I was still able to wear my jeans with the belly band but felt like they were digging into my stomach especially when I was driving.  I must say that maternity jeans are pretty great! 
Gordon and I had a pretty low key weekend.  We did the normal grocery shopping, house cleaning, breakfast at Barnaby, Saturday night movie watching and church on Sunday.  We've been going to the gym together on Friday evening and then heading over to Berryhill for fish tacos (perfect during lent!).  I LOVE their queso but Gordon never wants to go so I'm thankful for fish Friday right now!  We took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and went to Memorial Park on Sunday for a walk.  Gordon says he won't be able to go much longer with me because his allergies are starting to act up.  Pollen + Gordon = disaster!  We're praying he doesn't pass this on to little William.  :(
Yesterday was my day off work so I went walking again after the AT&T guy got finished installing our new U-verse.  YAY for U-verse!!  I got tired of Comcast's poor customer service and high prices and Gordon is thrilled to have 300 channels.   He's most excited about Starz so he can watch Spartacus.  Boys. 


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