Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend at Home

We've had a nice relaxing weekend here at home.  Friday night we went to dinner at our favorite Mexican food place with 2 other couples and all our babies!  Saturday morning we ran to Starbucks for a quick breakfast and then I headed to my hair appointment while baby and daddy had some boy time.  I'm loving my shorter hair!  It's a nice change for the fall and will be easier to dry.  I was craving Buffalo Wild Wings so we headed there to watch the second half of the Tech game (which was pretty terrible).  We did our weekly grocery shopping after that and William passed out!  When we got home I made him some squash and he LOVED every bite.  Such a good little eater.   
Today we've done some house cleaning, lots of playing, mom and baby went walking at Memorial Park while G shot guns and now G is cooking ribs on the Green Egg while we play and get ready for bathtime and more squash. :)   OH and we are watching the oh so exciting Cowboys game (which my parents are at!)!!! 
I'm super excited about next weekend....West Texas here we come!!!!


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