Tuesday, October 9, 2012

West Texas

The weekend before last William and I made a last minute trip to Midland.  It was his second time to fly, his first time to Midland and my first time to fly by myself with baby boy.  I was a little nervous about getting through security and onto the plane without any help but I passed with flying colors!  Everything went smoothly and William did great on the flight there and back...not a single peep from the little guy. 

We had a fun filled weekend with my family and I really enjoyed the nice cool weather.  William got to meet lots of new friends (and family!).  He thought my parent's dogs were pretty neat.  He'd never seen little dogs like them before, so all the running around really intrigued him.  We went to my church's annual fair, ate at some of my favorite restaurants, went to Big Spring to see William's Great Grandpa and GG, and he got to meet his Great Grandad and my aunt/uncle for the first time!!!  Grandad H is about to be 94 years old.  WOW!!  I'm so glad I got a picture with four generations of men I love and respect. 

Monday morning this mommy went and had a much needed massage and then William and I went house hunting with my parents.....don't worry we aren't moving....my parents may be though. :)  Who knows, maybe one day Gordon, W and I will end up in West Texas?!?!  Gordon held the fort down while we were gone and got lots of R&R and boy time in. 

I'm already counting down the days until we go back "home" for a Tech football game.  Yippee!  Only a few more weeks.... 


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