Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

I was miserably tired yesterday at work so I knew today would need to be a pajama day!  Thankfully, William only woke up once last night at 4am so I got some good sleep.  We didn't actually get up and moving until around 9:15.  I had some french toast for breakfast and baby boy had bananas and rice cereal.  We gave him bananas for the first time on first he made a funny face but ended up liking them.  He is really loving the food thing.  He gobbles it right up!  We headed to the doctor's office for his flu shot around 11:00.  Little buddy didn't even cry.  After that we ran a couple of errands, mommy got Chick Fil A for lunch and then we headed home for a NAP!  William is really not a good nap taker these days (they don't last long) but he's been asleep for 2 hours now.  YEAH (I think it's the shot).  I slept for a little over an hour with him and now I'm up doing laundry, blogging, and watching this weeks DWTS.   

Here are a few of my thoughts on DWTS...
I am laughing my butt off watching the Gangman Style dance.  SO stinking funny!! 
I wish I could be on the show :)
Kelly Monaco has the cutest little figure (and is a great dancer)
I love that Emmitt Smith is so sweet and loves to laugh (I've loved that guy since I was 10 years old!)
Watching Melissa Rycroft is fun since I knew 1/2 of her wedding party
Shawn Johson is just plane amazing

Other thoughts of the day....I have a feeling that Memorial City Mall is going to be one of our favorite places soon.  Not only do they have a few of my favorites (Chick Fil A, Berryhill, TCBY...) but they also have an ice skating rink, carousel and indoor playground area.

I'm so excited about the cooler weather this weekend.  Cool weather means we get to start walking at Memorial Park more often!  William and I walked yesterday after work and it was a little toasty.  In the past 7 months I've walked around the park 5 times and done one stroller aerobics class.  This is SO unlike me....I feel so much happier & productive when I get fresh air and a little exercise!  Hopefully the change in the weather (and the death of the terrible mosquitoes) will help us get out of the house more often. 

William loves his Sophie!  She's a life saver when he's upset in the car.  We put a swing in our bedroom this week and it's been great! 


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