Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Daddy's Day

Our house hunting and cleaning/organizing/de-cluttering has continued so our normal crazy busy life has continued to be overwhelmingly busy.  Thankfully, William is a trooper and does great being away from the house all day.  People continue to ask us how we get him to behave so well at restaurants etc.  All I can say is we just got lucky (and the next one will probably be a crazy mess). 

We did have some fun times this weekend.  William had his last swim class on Saturday and Gordon was able to come with us.  William is much more comfortable in the "swim position" on his belly but is not a fan of going under water....he recovers quickly though.  I'm thinking about signing him up for another session towards the end of the summer.  Music class starts back up this weekend and we only have time for one extra activity a weekend right now.  So, maybe another swim class in August!

Unfortunately, Gordon didn't have his ideal Daddy's Day since we are busy cleaning and getting all the baby stuff put away.  He was able to go to Top Golf last weekend so I didn't feel too bad.  We took a break from the cleaning on Sunday and grabbed a burger and fries at the park.  -- On a different note-- William has made huge improvements eating table food over the last week.  He still doesn't have any teeth so he can't eat too much.  We can give him pieces of tomato, squash, sweet potato from our plate, soft bread, any kind of puff and he even tried a tiny piece of burger.  He's also tried cheese but doesn't seem sold on it yet.  Life will get a little easier when we don't have to pack up food for him every time we leave the house!  I'm kinda envious of parents whose kids can eat off their plate!

Sunday afternoon William and I had our weekly play date.  I love having a little girl time and Gordon is able to go to the gym and get some downtime while we are gone!  It's a win win situation.  This week Aimee invited us to the Houstonian to swim.  The kids had so much fun!!  William is definitely a water baby and loves the splash pad (and this mommy loves to get a little sun).   

Things may be a little crazy around the Gooding household but we still find time to cuddle and play.  I am so thankful to have such a good daddy for William.  Gordon loves our little buddy to pieces and you can't ask for anything better in a husband.  They always say you marry someone just like your dad....I did just that!  They may be men of few words but they are dependable, responsible, honest, hard working men that take good care of their loved ones.  They are also hard headed and set in their ways but we wouldn't trade them for anything!!!     

Isn't it crazy how much a baby changes in 12 months.  We are amazed everyday at how big he's gotten.  Can you imagine what I'll be saying when he's 16!
Next Father's Day we are going to spoil Gordon...we won't make him lift a finger.  I hear J.W. Marriott calling our name.  :)


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