Monday, June 3, 2013


A little over 6 years ago I met mister Gus for the first time.  He was only 6 months old and still just a little thing!  Well, little for a French Mastiff and little compared to how big he would eventually get.  Gordon was the third guy I dated with a Mastiff (that must say something about the guys I dated?!?!?) so I knew just what to expect.....drool and more drool.  :) 
Our first Christmas together

Gus ended up being smaller than his father and only got up to around 120 pounds.  Over the years we had some bumps in the road but overall he was a sweet dog that adored Gordon.  My favorite memories with Gus are during our days in Austin.  The three of us had so much fun during that year.  We'd go walking in the evening and catch frogs.  Gus always saw them before I did....luckily he rarely caught them so that I could!  We'd find random creeks to go play in.  We'd set up our lawn chairs in the water and watch Gus splash around for hours.  Gus loved laying in front of the window in the sunlight, playing catch with a ball, and laying on the couch.  Getting up on the couch was of course against the rules but he would sneak up there any chance he got!    

This is one of my favorite pictues of our family.  I know we will cherish it forever and ever. 

On June 1, 2013 Gus went to doggy heaven.  Our hearts are heavy.  Things had gotten pretty bad over the last two months with Gus' incontinence and we'd had some issue with his aggresiveness towards other dogs.  Regardless of all the bad that came with Gus there was a lot of good.  My husband adored him as did William.  He was a faithful dog with a big heart that I knew would protect us until the day he died.  I felt so safe with him in our home! 
I'll be honest, cleaning up after Gus was a nightmare.  The drool was overwhelming to me sometimes and I could never trust him to be alone with William....but, as I type this I feel so sad.  My heart hurts for Gordon.  He was a part of our family.  He was William's first dog.  He will be missed.  I know it will get easier every day but for now we are sad.  I know we will talk about him for years to come. 

Cuddling on our first Christmas together.
Gus made sure he was a part of our engagment.  He was biting on my dress while Gordon asked me to marry him. 
2010- Our first Christmas as The Goodings
He looked so cute when he slept like this.
Waiting for William to arrive!
Picture time with my parents during William's first month home from the hospital. 
Gus' favorite time of the day!
Happy Birthday William
Gus made us laugh :)

GUS GOODING ~ September 2006 - June 2013
We miss you Gus. 


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