Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gestational Birthday = 14 Months Old

From the day William was born we were told it would take him 24 months to "catch up".  This may seem weird or like a long time if you're not a parent of a preemie.  It even seemed strange to us at first but the doctors were right.  Babies change so much every month during their first 2 years so it's easy to tell William isn't his actual age.  But, we are patient and know he will do everything in his own time....when he's ready.  AND HE HAS!  It is incredible how much he has changed over the past 2 months!

Weight- 18 lbs 
Eating- His eating has changed quite a bit over the last two months.  He only drinks milk four times a day now (dropped one feeding).  I nurse him in the morning and before bed and he drinks milk twice at school (once from bottle and once from a cup).  He's not a fan of the sippy cup but we are trying.  He'd rather drink from a cup like a big boy (with lots of help of course).  He eats 4-5 containers of food a day that I make.  At school he has 2 fruits and a vegetable or chicken.  For a snack he has puffs, cheerios and/or pieces of fruit that I send to school.  If you put a puff in front of him he can pick it up and put it in his mouth but he won't do that with cut up fruit?!?  He'll only eat it if it's on a spoon?!?!   At dinner he usually eats chicken mixed with something (mango and spinach, sweet potato or apricots) and yogurt.  Over the last two month he's tried spinach and lots of table food.
Sleeping- This has been the area he's improved most in!!!!  I'm so happy to say that baby boy sleeps quietly through the night, everynight.  After I feed him he's really drowsy so there's no problem putting him in his crib.  Depending on the day, he's asleep between 7:15-8:00.  Knock on wood.....he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night anymore.  He does talk some in his sleep and sometimes whimpers but never wakes up.  He wakes up around 6:00 and on the weekends will usually go back to sleep with us until 8:00.  Nap time varies.  At school he only takes one nap from 1:00-3:00 (give or take).  When he's home he usually takes an hour long morning nap and a 1-2 hour nap around 1:00.  Gordon and I were beginning to wonder if a full night sleep would ever return to our house.  We are thankful.  :)
Development- William still doesn't crawl "normal".  It's more of a scoot but he can move fast.  He can stand up and balance on his own but doesn't do it very often.  The other day he stood up from the squatting position without holding onto anything.  He can get moving fast in his walker but really prefers to be crawling all around like a mad man.  I've caught him standing up by himself (not holding onto anything) but he hasn't tried to take any steps yet.  Separation anxiety has improved but he does usually cry when I leave the room.  He points to everything and shakes his finger at you while he babbles away.  He knows where we keep his puffs and will point at the door until you get them out for him.  His "talking" has quadrupled and it's hilarious.  He has so much to tell us.  :)  Gordon and I joke that he sounds like he's speaking Chinese sometimes.  He's learned to blow bubbles with his mouth and can give you a hi-five.  He waves bye-bye and said "TA-DA" the other day.  He still loves bath time and he knows it's time to get out when I put the towel on my lap.  AND, last but not least, he's getting a ton of hair!!
Clothing size- Size 3 diapers. 9-12 month clothing.  In BabyGap he wears 12-18 month.    
Things mommy loves- I love talking to him!  He cracks me up.  The happiness and joy he has makes our world go 'round.  I'm so proud of him for (nearly) always being such a good boy.  Taking him out and about could be so much harder.  We are blessed in countless ways. 
Things WJG loves- He loves, loves, loves his wagon and drums.  He smiles the entire he's in the wagon.  He loves to sleep on his tummy with his butt in the air and he'll actually sit still and read a book now.  Hopefully we'll get lots more reading time in.
Things WJG doesn't like- Not too much bothers him.  When he wants down to crawl around and you can't or don't let him he gets a little crazy.  Diaper changing is a little more challenging (he hates laying on his back) but otherwise he's easy going.  I gave him a little piece of cheese the other day and he made a funny face.  I'm hoping it will grow on him because I love cheese!  He's definitely a mama's boy so strangers are not his friend (thank goodness). 
Funny Dad Moments- William and Gordon are so cute when they play together.  Gordon will hide behind our kitchen island and then sneak up and crawl around after William.  W thinks it's hilarious.  Gordon caught William putting puffs down in his highchair the other morning.  I heard him say, "Why would you want to put those puffs there?"  Gordon was shocked to find a dozen puffs in his seat.  haha.  Little kids! 
First time- Since his first birthday he's been to San Antonio, had his first swim lesson, got to play in sand and done some house hunting with mommy and daddy. 



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