Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Plus Some

So, I'm a little behind on my blogging....we just seem to stay so busy and most nights movie time and sleep wins out to blogging.  With interest rates being so low Gordon and I have been playing with the idea of moving out to the burbs!!  YIKES!  So scary and yet exciting.  Our original plan was to stay in our current home for another year....but, it's kinda hard to pass up the low interest rates and the thought of having more space for William (most importantly a backyard) is appealing.  Sometimes God leads you down a path that you weren't expecting.

When we haven't been house hunting here's what we've been up to.....

The weekend before last Gordon was out of town so William and I just did lots of cleaning and playing.  We did get out on Sunday and do some fun stuff!  William had his second swim lesson, we went walking at the park and met Gordon there to hit golf balls and eat a burger for dinner.  Grant and Emily also met us for dinner.  We hadn't seen them in 2 months so dinner was long over due. 
This past week we had vistors!!  My parents came into town on Wednesday for the Fleetwood Mac concert.  We had such a great time and were able to relax and enjoy ourselves knowing that William was in good hands at home with his favorite teacher, Ms. Melissa.  He loves her so much.  I'll admit I'm a little crazy about William's safety....for example there aren't a lot of people I would let give him a bath when I'm not around....but I trust Ms. Melissa 100%. The concert was great!!  It didn't hurt that my mom got us fabulous seats on the 8th row!  I have so many childhood memories listening to Fleetwood Mac so it was fun to be there with my parents and hubby.  It's crazy to think that 90% of the songs I love were written before I was even born.
My parents visit came at a perfect time....William's daycare was closed on Thursday and Friday so they were able to stay in town and watch the litte guy on Friday while mommy and daddy worked.  We had a lazy day on Thursday and that evening we all went to my APHON meetings at Pappadeaux's.  While I was in my meeting my parents hung out with William.  I was re-elected to the secretary position and we got to see Stacy and Anna....and Anna's baby bump.  :) 

Memorial Park with his daddy -- William loves sleeping with his butt in the air  -- Saying bye to his nana and papa --  Ready for Fleetwood Mac -- I was almost named after Stevie! --  Thanks for the fun night Mom and Dad -- Playing with his new BassPro hat!

We are looking forward to Father's Day weekend!  Besides swim class and a play date we should have lots of down time to get the house organized and hopefully relax!!!!


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