Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Official First Steps

It's finally official....baby boy is walking!  Well, he's at least taken the plunge and taken some steps on his own.  He's been walking while holding onto our hands since sometime in March.  He pulls up on everything and can stand up without holding onto anything.  He can even bend over and pick up a full bottle of water while standing up.  His balance is great....he just hasn't taken a step completely on his own until today.  One of his teachers said he just stood up out of her lap and took 10 steps like it was no big deal.  When I got to school to pick him up I caught him taking 2 steps and then Gordon got a little preview when we got home (before the fussy bedtime stuff started).  Things are about to get crazy around here.  :)  He's already able to move so quickly....it's hard to imagine him moving faster!!  Luckily, I knew to appreciate the baby stage when they just lay there.  Showering was so much easier.  But, this stage is adorable so we have no complaints. 

  • The top two pictures are from school today.  They have "Splash Day" every Tuesday.  Baby boy loves playing in the water! 
  • The bottom pictures are THEN AND NOW.  The pictures on the left was taken the day we left Rosemary Beach (his 3 month birthday, 7/19/2012).  The picture on the right was taken tonight.  I still find it hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly. 

Prince William: Royal Baby Has Kate's Looks and Way More Hair Than Me!Kate Middleton Wears Jenny Packham for Royal Baby Debut

As most of you probably know, Prince William and his beautiful wife, Kate, had their baby boy (also known as His Royal Highness the Prince of Cambridge) yesterday afternoon.  Today they took him home!  I just thought I'd post a little something since I think the three of them are adorable.  It's kinda neat to see Prince William, who's the same age as G and me, taking his own son home.  Such a special time in every parent's life. 


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