Thursday, July 11, 2013

Working Mom = Daycare Fun

Well, I've been back to work for a year since baby boy was born.  Yep, my maternity leave ended exactly one year ago!  I'm still shocked at how fast time as flown by.  It really does seem like just yesterday I was bawling my eyes out while I drove to work.  The first few months were the hardest.  I cried every Monday.  Eventhough I was sad and saying goodbye to William in the morning broke my heart, going back to work was good for me...and him!  For me, having a meaningful career is important and very fulfilling.  Working full time helps me appreciate my time with William even more and while I'm working he's having a blast at daycare.  Even if Gordon and I had 10 billion dollars....I'd still work..  Not only do I feel like I'm making a difference in the children's life's that I care for every day but that William is benefiting from his time at school.  I know for a fact that I'd never be able to teach and do everything with William that they do at school.  The social skills he's gaining are priceless.  He's learning to be around other children his age, older and younger (without me around).  He's learning to share, take turns and he has to be patient at daycare since there is one teacher and four kids (at home he gets all the attention!).  William goes exploring outside while he's at school, they have splash day when it's warm, they read books, paint, color, go on walks, and do lots of art projects.  I love that there isn't a TV in sight.  AND, most importantly, William loves his teacher, Ms. Melissa.  It makes Gordon and me feel so happy that he loves her so much.  She even comes over on the weekend to babysit!  This definitely makes our days away from him easier/happier.  Knowing that he is happy and safe puts us both at ease.  I also love that he has formed bonds with other people besides his immediate family. 
So, as nervous as I was to go back to work and leave our sweet baby boy, I can honestly say we are all very happy.  It makes my heart happy to see him learn so much and to enjoy his friends (he even has a little girlfriend named Elle).  Being able to work and help provide things for our family and to be able to save for our future is a great feeling.  Only working 4 days a week is a huge blessing as well.  That one extra day at home with William is priceless.  I'm able to get lots of quality time with William, we see Gordon for lunch and I get lots of chores done at home which makes our weekends as a family more fun! 
 A year ago I felt scared and sad to head back to work.  Now, 365 days later, I feel like we have a nice routine.  I feel productive and happy and William is growing, learning and experiencing all kinds of new things every day.  So, if you're a new mom about to head back to work please know that it gets easier.  Every family is unique and has different needs.  At the end of the day we all have to do what's best for our family.  For some that means being a stay at home mom and for others it means working and finding child care for your little one.  I'm so thankful and glad that Gordon, William and I have found a healthy work-life balance. 

  • Painting!
  • Eating his first Popsicle at the 4th of July parade.
  • Getting into trouble with Britton.
  • Little stinker trying to get up on the table.
  • Snack time (he's obsessed with puffs)!
  • Group you can see they're all future artists!
  • William's sign above his crib.
  • Art project by the most talented one year old around :)

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