Sunday, July 14, 2013

Party Weekend

Another fun weekend has come and gone!  Yesterday we did our normal Saturday breakfast at Barnaby's and the grocery store.  Instead of sticking around the house we decided to head out to Katy to swim with the Wilsons!  Swimming is such a good way to wear a baby out!!  When we got home Gordon headed out to go golfing and we napped....and napped.  Since William slept so long during nap time we were able to keep him up late for dinner at Memorial Park once G was done with golf.  We got to have dinner with the Barteaus who are expecting their first baby in 2014!   We can't wait for another friend.  :)
After church and Home Depot we got to have more fun in the sun at Eli's first birthday party at The Houstonian.  Everything was super cute and we all had a blast swimming.  William and I are so lucky to have these sweet friends!
  • Sippy cups for everyone!  Such a great idea.
  • Adorable and yummy cake from Whole Foods.
  • Wearing a birthday hat like a good boy.
  • William loved the balloons.
  • The gang!
  • Telling me how he loved the water slide.
  • Showing me how over the picture taking he was.

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