Friday, November 8, 2013

18 months

18 months old

Weight- 20 lbs 3 ounces (up 2 lbs 3 ounces in 3 months) ~10% on preemie chart and 6% on regular
Height- 30.5 inches (up 1.25 inch in 3 months) ~48% on preemie and 2% on regular
Head Circumference- 19.9 inches (same) ~15% on preemie and 86% on regular

Eating- William is a really good eater.  He's not a giant fan of vegetables and what he likes changes from week to week.  Since he was moved up to the toddler room we've started feeding him breakfast at home (since I don't nurse him in the mornings anymore).  Breakfast usually consists of whole wheat waffles (which he LOVES) and fruit.  We even tried egg a couple times and he's done great.  No reaction!  He has two snacks at school and lunch around noon.  He isn't a fan of ground turkey meat but does like ground beef.  Carrots are his favorite vege and grapes, blueberries and bananas are his favorite fruit.  If it was up to William he'd eat pasta (or some type of carb) for every meal! 

Sleeping- William is doing great in the sleep department.  He rarely wakes up at night and if he does he puts himself right back to sleep.  After bath time we put William in his PJs and I rock him while he drinks a bottle and I read him a book.  YES, he still gets a goodnight bottle.  We are going to stop this after the big move!  Once he finishes his bottle I just lay him down in his crib and he falls asleep soon after.  It's hard to believe that things are going so smoothly. 
He still takes one nap a day from 1-3. 

Development- William started walking during labor day weekend!  He hasn't slowed down since.  He knows eat, more and done in sign language.  He definitely understands more than he says.  If you ask him to hold your hand he reaches up and does it.  You can tell him to go get you the ball or book and he knows exactly what you're talking about.  He babbles a ton but when he uses words (besides hi, bye, mama, dada) is completely random.  He can say deer, fish, banana and sometimes says what sounds like thank you.  He is a pro at climbing up the stairs and even knows how to scootch down like his daddy taught him.  Dr. Freedman says his delayed speech is to be expected with his prematurity.  We'll just continue reading and talking to him a lot.  Otherwise, we were able to answer yes to all the "developmental questions".  William knows at least 2 body parts (belly, nose, eyes), he can run, and climb stairs.

Personality-  William is still super serious and shy when he's around a lot of people or anyone new.  Once you get to know him he is the most loving, silly little boy you'll ever meet.  He loves giving kisses and makes the cutest "kissy face" I've ever seen.  My heart melts every single time.  I couldn't be more in love with our little man and this stage! 

Clothing size- We ran out of size 3 diapers so we've moved up to size 4.  We've finally retired the 9 month PJs and skipped up to 18 months.  They are pretty big on him but they work for sleeping.  Most everything else is 12 month.

Looking at his feet and wondering why his PJs are so long!

Things mommy loves-
His little right arm swings back and forth when he walks.  Cutest. Thing. Ever. 
His "kissy face" is priceless. 
William loves having his hair dried in the mornings when I'm getting myself ready.  I'll sit on the floor and he backs himself up and plops down into my lap.  It's the little things!
When I'm not home Gordon says William walks around the house looking for me and saying, "mama?"  Hearing him say mama makes me smile. 

Mommy stuff- I still haven't spend a night away from William.  We've just been so busy with selling, buying and moving homes.  Now that the holidays are here things will get even busier.  So, G and I are thinking we'll do an adult trip in January!! 

Things WJG loves- He is really loving mac n cheese and is starting to fizzle out on bananas. He used to say, "ohhhhhhhhh" when he'd see me getting one for him. William cracks up laughing when I sneeze and loves pointing at everything he sees when we go on walks (which he now stays awake for).  He loves looking/pointing at the moon and airplanes in the sky.  His favorite book is "Goodnight Moon" and he is no longer scared of the dance 'n play puppy. 

Things WJG doesn't like- He doesn't like when you turn the bath water off and usually cries when it's time to get out.  He's not a fan of hot dogs and seems to be going on a meat eating strike.  I hear that this is pretty normally....and not fun for parents.  Luckily he loves beans, cheese and yogurt so we still get some protein in him. 

Funny Dad Moments- Gordon was giving William a bath the other night and I heard him say, "Let's get your face washed up.  Ladies like a clean face!"  haha.  Teaching William how to pick up the ladies a little early in my opinion.  :)

First time- William visited Kentucky for the first time in September and Canyon Lake for Labor Day weekend.  Most importantly, he is getting his FIRST tooth.  That's right folks, finally!  It started popping through on October 28th.
This past weekend we tried peanut butter for the first time.  The child is in love!  Not only did he not have a reaction but he danced everytime Gordon gave him a bite.  He's definitely our child.

From the Doctor- William got his last Hep A shot and got an A+ on everything from Dr. Freedman. 

Love you lots William!!!


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