Monday, November 18, 2013

Wreck 'Em Tech

Well, this picture pretty much sums up William's experience at his first football game!  EXCITED!  Tech may have lost but we made so many great memories.  William is a lucky little boy.  His first football game was at the Cowboys Stadium, in a suite, watching our favorite Red Raiders.  Priceless. 

I have to brag on my fabulous parents for a minute....they really are the best!  When William got super sick last week my sweet mom didn't even think twice about coming to help us out.  She is such a life saver, she's so good with William and we all love her so much.  Then there's my daddy.  I hinted that this would be a fun game to go to (and a good meeting point for all of us) and the next day he had the suite arranged.  They spoil all of us.  BIG hug to both of them for always being so thoughtful, helpful and loving us so much.  The three of us are blessed to be able to call them ours.

Thankfully, William was feeling much better by Saturday!  We got to see Uncle D, Aunt Skye and a few of my high school friends. William had so much fun running around, playing with his Uncle D and of course watching all the action on the field.  He thought it was hilarious when we were cheering during the touchdowns.  By halftime baby boy was getting sleepy so we laid his trusty nap mat in the closet....yes, the closet (it's big and quiet)....put some toddler Pandora on and baby boy passed out!  He slept the entire second half! 

  • Ready to eat some yummy mac 'n cheese
  • Fascinated!
  • Our little family
  • Checking things out....Aunt Skye taking some pics
  • Hanging with Uncle D
  • Dustin and Skye
  • With my momma and her sweet friend, Rhonda.
  • My honey
We may have lost the football game but we had a wonderful night and we still love our RED RAIDERS.  We will always be fans and cheer on Texas Tech.  Win or Lose.  It's our Alma Mater.  It's where I met my husband and who's now child's father.  :)   Wreck 'Em Tech!!


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