Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saying Goodbye Is Hard

The hardest part of moving hasn't been the physical and mental's been the emotional aspect of it all.  Leaving our first home was sad but what's been the hardest is changing William's daycare.  On November 1st Gordon and I picked William up at Big Little School for the last time.  When we got out of the car I broke down.  This was the place William had been going to since he was just 4 months old.  Every single person that worked at BLS loved our baby.

I had gotten to know many of the parents, William had made so many great friends and I trusted them 110% to take care of our baby boy.  After pulling myself together we walked to the playground to find William.  As always, Ms. Dayana was loving on him, giving him hugs and kisses.  When she saw us walking up tears starting running down her face.  I started crying again.  As we walked away other teachers were running up to us with tears in their eyes to give William a goodbye hug.  To say we will miss them is an understatement.  Each of them will hold a special placed in our hearts forever. 

From his sweet class! 
Everyone at BLS loved our baby boy so much!  It will be hard to find teachers with so much love and kindness.  His "old teachers" text us weekly to check on our little buddy.  I pray every night that we've made the right decision moving William closer to our new home and Texas Children's Hospital.  We picked a new school that my best friend went to as a child (25 years ago) and both of her children attended for the past 5 years.  I feel confident that they will take good care of him!  I'm the kind of mom that just wants others to love my child.  We have many years ahead of us for homework and science projects!  For now, at 18 months old, I'm just looking for a loving, happy environment that helps W with his social skills.

Room C was such a fun and happy place that is full of wonderful memories!
Week 1 at the new school went pretty well!  But unfortunately, baby boy is already sick with the "new" germs he's being exposed to.  (more on that later)  So, right now Gordon and I are just trying to keep our heads above the water.  The unpacking is a very slow process but it'll all get done eventually.  :)   We will try again next week to get into "the swing of things".  Since William is pretty sick he won't be going back to daycare the rest of the week.  My FABULOUS mother is flying down (as I type) to help us out.  She's going to watch baby boy Thursday and Friday so this momma can go back to work. 

Things are a little stressful right now but we are beyond blessed!  Blessed to have such supportive families and blessed to be as healthy as we are.  When I'm feeling defeated I remember how good God has been to us. 

Enjoying our new neighborhood!  It's so peaceful and quiet.  :)


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