Monday, July 14, 2014

Ducks and iPads

I was looking through pictures last night and ran across William feeding ducks for the first time while we were in Texarkana in April.  William has seen lots of ducks but we'd never actually fed them before this.  He thought it was pretty fun!

  My brother got attacked by a duck in preschool.  I'm still a little leery of the quacking waddlers (is that even a word)!?!?!  I'll admit, I was a little anxious about William getting close to them and/or falling into the nasty water.  #nurseproblems.  Which leads me to another crazy "being a nurse problem".  Salmonella.  Tiny little reptiles, like turtles, that live in this murky water are natural carriers of Salmonella.  Yuck.  I've started IVs on a couple kids recently that had Salmonella due to touching these little creatures.  Kids are so bad about touch their face/mouth so you have to be careful.  #handwashing 

While I'm on the subject of ducks I thought I'd mention our favorite iPad/iPhone apps.  They are made by Duck Duck Moose....which goes perfect with today's post!  

  These apps are fabulous!  We really try to keep the TV/iPad time to a minimum but these apps work perfect on road trips and while Momma is trying to get showered and dressed!
  The top three are great for babies and the bottom three for toddlers and preschoolers!  Here's something I love about each of them.....
Itsy Bitsy- besides the singing there is counting and a cute fly that gives you facts about the sun, clouds, and caterpillars.
Old MacDonald- again, great singing plus learning animals and the sounds they make.  You can even change the singing to a different language.
Wheels On The Bus- this song is a hit in our home!  Each scene has something interactive plus the words of the song so they can read too.
Musical Me- this one includes a memory game, rhyming, learning about music notes, and you can play different instruments.
Trucks and More Trucks- perfect for little boys!  Lots of colors and fun sounds.

Happy Monday y'all!!!!

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