Monday, July 21, 2014

Mini Vacation

The last weekend in June we had a mini vaca in San Antonio at the JW Marriott.  The last time Gordon and I were there I was 6 weeks pregnant with William.  We were so excited to take the little buddy to this fabulous resort....and we got to meet up with Nana and Papa! 
Getting to the JW is a breeze from Houston.  It's a short 3 hour drive with a Bucee's in between!  The first day we were there we rented a cabana.  It's definitely the way to go if you have a large group of people.  All the chairs get taken up super early in the morning so having the cabana with lots of seating all together is awesome.  You also get a mini fridge stocked with drinks, a shaded area (a plus if you have little ones so they can nap), and you get four lounge chairs in the water (again, perfect for little ones).  During the day we soaked up lots of sun, lounged on the lazy river, did the water slide 100 times, had one or two pina~coladas,  and just chilled.  In the evenings we got to listen to live music and play outside.  William loves music and watching people play the guitar so he was in heaven!  If he could talk I know he'd tell us this was one of the best weekends ever.  There was even a food truck outside that served food and adult beverages!  It was in a big, open, grassy area where kids could run around, throw ball and be as loud as they wanted.  A parents dream.  :)  

Last summer we stayed at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio.  It's on the other side of San Antonio (closer to Sea World) and super nice as well.  The two hotels aren't much different in price, both have lazy rivers and both are kid friendly.  Here are a few things about each that we liked.

JW Marriott San Antonio:  Not only kid friendly but fun for adults too.  They have a huge bar with TVs everywhere.  Perfect for football season!  The kids pool was just right for William's age (slides, splash pad kinda stuff).  The BIG slide will be fun years down the road as well as the arcade room they have.  

Hyatt Regency San Antonio Hill Country- The Hyatt had a more outdoorsy feel to it.  It was surrounded by lots of trees and even had a nature trail that we walked through.  I don't remember there being much of a splash pad but they were in the process of building some big slides.  They did have several sandy "beach" areas off of the lazy river.  William really loved it last year!  I think you could even bring your own cooler with food etc into the pool area.  That may have changed by now?!?!?

Both places are fantastic!  They both offer child care/day camp for children 3 and up (that are potty trained).  It would be a great way to have some adult time and for your kiddos to meet friends and get some energy out for several hours.

Cabana Time  |  Squirt toys are the best  |  "Front roll, Mama!"  |  
Can you tell W wants to get down and run?  |  Relaxing  |  SO much fun!

My parents kept William one extra night in San Antonio before driving him back to Midland with them.  Leaving our sweet little buddy was so hard but I knew he was in good hands and would have a blast with his Nana and Papa!  They danced the night away after Gordon and I left.  Thanks goodness for pools, guitars and live music.  :)  

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