Sunday, July 27, 2014

Independence Day

On the last day of our trip to the JW we said goodbye to our sweet baby boy so he could go to CampNanaPapa!  William stayed in San Antonio with my parents another night before heading to West Texas the next morning.  Leaving William in San Antonio made things a little easier since I knew there was so much entertainment at the JW.  I still cried my eyes out on the drive home to Houston.  Unfortunately, Gordon had to leave town that week for business so this momma was on her own.  I was pretty disappointed about how the scheduling all worked out....but I ended up having a fun few days alone....happy hour at Perry's, went to see Maleficent, did some shopping, got my hair done, got a mani/pedi and when I got up in the morning for work I was out the door within 15 minutes!
Lunch Date!
Thursday afternoon we headed to West Texas for the July 4th weekend and to get our baby.  :)  Before heading to the airport we had a fun lunch date at Benjy's.  Thanks Nana and Papa for taking care of our sweet little buddy.  It was great to have some "ME" time.
{Playing with Uncle D} {Living the Good Life} {Fireworks!} {Watermelon with Skye}

We had a great weekend just relaxing at the house.  We hit up some of my favorite lunch spots, got to visit with my Grandpa and GG, took some long naps, stayed up way too late talking the night away, and got lots of pool time in.  We even did a few fireworks with William.  He couldn't decide if he loved them or hated them.  He would cry "bye bye" and a minute later tell you "more".   
{Feeding the baby goat at Pop and GG's} {SO happy to see our baby} {Lunch with D and Skye} {He had a fun weekend with Nana and Papa} {love} {Summer Mummers} {Watering with Nana} {Bubbles!}

Saturday night we got a babysitter so we could go to Summer Mummers.  It was a last minute decision so we didn't have the best seats.  I'm so glad we decided to go because we all had the best time!  You can't beat laughing the night away with your family while drinking beer and throwing popcorn.  
{To say he loved the Polaris is an understatement} {Learning from the best}

We even made time for shooting while we were in town!  Fun times.  I always hate leaving but luckily we'll be going back in September.  Until then I'll harass Gordon about moving back to this beautiful desert town. :)

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