Sunday, July 13, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

As you can see, the ol' blog got a face-lift!!  There's still a couple of things left to do but otherwise I'm loving the change.  We've been traveling a lot lately....hopefully things will be a little calmer the next few weeks so I can catch up in the blog world.  Here's a little peak into our Father's Day weekend.

We had a weekend full of fun for Gordon's 3rd Father's Day!  On Saturday we tried out the local brewery with some friends and family (Grant and Emily).  We had the BEST time.  I can't believe we hadn't tried No Label Brewery out sooner!  I'll do a post on it soon....hopefully!

That evening Gordon and I had date night.  We decided to go to the movies but didn't end up seeing what we had planned.  The movie theater's system messed up and sent us to The Fault In Our Stars.  If you read my blog you probably already know I'm a pediatric oncology nurse.  Of course I wanted to see this movie.  BUT, it needed to be when I was ready, when I was emotionally prepared, with the right person (the ladies I work with) and with a glass of wine!  I'd planned on reading the book and then going to see the movie with Stacy and Anna.  Well, that didn't happen.  Maybe God thought Gordon and I needed to see it together.  Regardless, it was a great movie.  I cried The. Entire. Movie. No joke.  Ask Gordon.  #nurseproblems

Sunday went pretty much as usual.  Church, swim, nap, playing outside, and movie night.  I did cook breakfast for our special daddy and we let him pick our lunch spot.  Wing Stop.  YUM!  WE had a great day hanging out at home.  How precious are these pics of baby boy eating watermelon with his daddy?!?! These are the days that make me happiest.  :)

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