Monday, June 30, 2014

Two Year Photos

Back in March, while in Midland, we did family photos!  Kristi McKnight did William's one year photos so I figured this was the perfect time to get photos of my side of the family AND William's two year pics.  They turned out great!
William was a little sleepy due to our late arrival the night before but we managed to get a few smiles out of him.  To be honest, you could take a picture of this this child (and my family) in the middle of a garbage pile and I'd still hang it in our home and cherish it forever.  It's the people in the photo that I love...not the surroundings or even the perfect smiles.  Sure, those things make it better but it's not what matters.  I love these guys on rainy and sunshiny days!

Sure do love these boys!

Guys, you know I don't like this picture thing!

Chasing bubbles 

I may love Elmo but I'm not smiling!

The West Texas Wind was in full force!

The only thing missing in these photos is Gordon's wedding ring.  He ties it onto his workout shoes and had forgotten to take it off.  Typical.  Can't complain too much.....he's a good looking daddy!
I love this photo!

To us, he's perfect!  #bestillmyheart

Uncle D, you're so funny and I may even smile....


The Hattenbach side of the family!
Big thanks to Kristi for doing a great job and to my family for putting up with my love for photos!!!!!!  #priceless #memories #lovemyfamily


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