Friday, June 20, 2014

CHOO CHOO, Someone Turned TWO!

FINALLY!  I can't believe it's taken me two months to do this post.  Let me just start off by saying that this birthday party was so much easier compared to last years.  Having it at the house made things go much more smoothly.  My parents, Dustin and Skye stayed with us that weekend and they were awesome helpers.  I had everyone running errands on Saturday morning. :)  So, BIG thanks to those guys.  Sweet Skye even helped me give William a bath that evening because I was pooped!
The day before his party I found out I have to move to working 5 days a week from my current 4 days a week.  I was a bit upset (more on that another time).  Luckily I had lots of friends and family around to help cheer me up.  Saturday morning I woke up feeling really yuck (stomach bug).  :(  Again, thank goodness for my family.  Regardless, we had the best day celebrating William James.  We went to Little Gym that morning and then starting getting ready to PARTY!  
Here are just a handful of the pictures that were taken that day.  Somehow, I didn't get one of Dustin and Skye with William?!?!  :(  I'll have to make it up when we see them next month. 

  • How cute is this photo backdrop?!?!?  So easy!  Just some streamers twisted and taped at the top and bottom, balloons and a chalk board.  We took some cute photos of the kids with "conductor" hats on!
  • Adorable sugar cookies by a local lady. 
  • Invitations from Berings.   Cupcakes by yours truly (blue cupcake holders from Michael's). 
  • Picture frame from Hobby Lobby and Mason Jar with forks wrapped in chevron paper.  
  • CHOO CHOO banner made by me using Cricut.  2 yr photo book for guest to sign from Snapfish.  
  • Drink stand outside.  Re-used name and fabric banner from William's first birthday party.  The fabric banner was super easy!  Just cut long strips of fabric and tie in knot on rope.  

  • I love primary colors!
  • Thank you Arvella for making the best cakes ever! {Midland peeps contact me for her info!}
  • Napkins from Monogram Shop
  • Cakeballs by Eggleston's Edibles.  Labels from WH Hostess
  • Goodie Boxes from Oriental Trading Company for only $5/dozen (see below for content).
  • Centerpiece train from Melissa and Doug.  Table runners ordered off Etsy. 

  • Playing corn hole has become a family tradition!  It keeps everyone entertained for hours.  
  • Brandon and Ashley came all the way from Birmingham!
  • SIL :)
  • We rented 3 round tables and chairs so people could hang outside.  After the party we cooked out so having the extra seating was perfect.  I never got a picture of the tables with table clothes/centerpieces (pictured below). 
  • Best. Idea. Ever.  The train was a hit!
  • They have the cutest stamps on Zazzle.  
  • Centerpieces: clear jars from Hobby Lobby + spray paint = cute.  I filled the jars halfway with potting soil and then put the sticks in so they'd stand up straight.  
  • Goodie Boxes =  Bubbles, toy train, train whistle and stickers (most everything from Oriental Trading) 

{Playing} {He loves his lawn mower from Nana and Papa} {He rode the train the entire hour} {My baby} {Craft Station} {Riding with Grant and Emily} {I'm in love with this easel W got from Grant and Emily} {Helping Uncle D and Daddy} {Hanging with Mimi}

The little arts and craft station we had was a hit!  My mom and I cut out all the different shapes for the pieces of the train (using construction paper).  I then put all the pieces to make one train in a zip lock baggie.  I had an example laid out for the kids to copy.  All they had to do was clue the shapes of one baggie on a big piece of construction paper.  Super easy and fun!  All the girls loved this.  
Construction paper + glue = cheap and fun  

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet William!

Big thanks to everyone that came out for the festivities.  We had an awesome day.  An even bigger thanks to my family for helping get the last minute details together and for helping clean up afterwards!!  Since the birthday party William talks about Choo Choos every single day. :)

 He loves the hat he wore during the party.  He loved playing in the balls.  He loved seeing all his friends.  He adores his grandparents and aunts/uncles.  He's obsessed with the new lawn mower and drawing ovals on his 2 new easels.  He got so many new books that are now some of his favorites.  He loved seeing his old teachers from BLS that came.  He (and we) had a happy, happy day!!!!!! 

Now I just have to sit down and finish writing thank you notes!   xoxo


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