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Water Safety and Swim Essentials

I'm sure most of you out there have read articles about Secondary Drowning that are floating around Facebook.  IT. IS. SCARY.  I knew about this Secondary Drowning before this particular article went viral.  I've been terrified ever since.  I would already consider myself an over protective mom....this just makes me one notch crazier when it comes to water safety (which in my opinion is great)!!!

So, as a nurse and an extra cautious mommy I decided I had to do a post on Water Safety!  Here are a few interested facts!

MAY was National Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Month
Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-14 .  Yep, it beats cancer big time.  46% of children die from trauma and 11% of cancer. 
In 2013 there were 82 deaths in Texas from drowning, 23 were in the Greater Houston Area.
Children are at risk in ANY body of water (pools, oceans, bathtubs, splash pads with puddles of standing water).  

Promote water safety by creating layers of protection around water.  1) Have a 5 ft fence that separates the pool from house  2) Have gates that close and latch automatically  3) Wear life jackets whenever near open water 5) Use door locks to keep children out of the bathroom (I always close bathroom doors and make sure lid is down on toilet)  5) install alarms on all windows and doors that lead to the pool

Have a Water Watcher- this is an adult that is on duty for 20-30 minutes.  They should not text, talk on phone, drink alcohol or socialize with others while on watch. 
+ Enroll children in swim lessons at an early age 
+ Always have phone near by in case of emergency  
+ All parents /caregivers should learn CPR  
+ Keep a first aid kit near the water  
+ Throw rescue equipment to the victim before jumping in the water to save the child
TCH Injury Prevention Department 832-824-3485
Safe Kids Greater Houston at www.safekidsgreaterhouston.org
Bi-lingual Material at Pool Safety Campaign www.cpsc.gov
Water Safety Tip Sheets at Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance www.txdpa.com

I've heard over and over that drowning is silent.  It's not like the movies.  Just the other day, while swimming with friends, William gave me a scare.  Thank God I was watching him EVERY minute.  He had his floaty on and was playing in 6 inches of water.  He toppled over and went face down.  I watched for him to push himself up....and he didn't.  I don't know if he was in shock or if he just couldn't because the floaty on his chest was in the way.  Regardless, he didn't get up.  I ran over and scooped him up immediately.  He didn't cough or cry so I knew he hadn't sucked in much water, if any.  You can't be too careful.  It can happen to anyone.  Teach your babies to swim and don't take your eye off them for even a minute.


As scary as swimming with little ones can be....it can be SO much fun.  Our little guy is quickly becoming a little fish.  He is loving this summer pool time and we can't wait for swim lessons to start in a week.

Here are a few of our summer swim essentials!

1- This Speedo floaty is what we originally bought.  We quickly learned that William is too young for this type of float.  It may make him float but if he falls forward in the water he is face down and hasn't figured out how to flip himself over.  He's like a top heavy turtle.  I do love how comfortable he is while he's wearing it (he never complains).  It will be perfect in a year or two when he's stronger and more coordinated.
2- The Puddle Jumper is just right for a two year old.  It helps keep them upright!  Just what a toddler needs. 3- Swim Diapers.  You gotta have them.  This one from The Honest Company is not only adorable but so cute and ego friendly since it's re-usable!  We love ours.  The are made for kids 11-49 lbs and are only $14.
4- We use our kickboard to help William with swimming 101.  We put his belly down in the water and have him hold onto the kickboard and then tell him, "Kick, kick kick!"  It's also a great way to get them comfortable with floating on their back.  It'll be great for the lake and beach too.  Lots of fun for only $5.
5- Arbonne is the sunscreen that we use for baby boy.  It has worked great for us so far....no sun burns and no skin reaction.

 Speedo Swim Coach |  Puddle Jumper  |  Arbonne Sun Screen | Kickboard |

Happy swimming everyone!!

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  1. Being aware of the dangers a pool might bring gets us a lot closer to the prevention of drowning. Swimmers, both adults and kids, should be prepped up for the dangers of swimming. I salute you for sharing those tips with us! Thank you very much, Lindsey! All the best to you! :)

    Matt Grant @ Pool Service Perth


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