Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Since Turning Two

It's still so hard to believe that I had William so early.  It seems like a life time ago and yet just like yesterday.  Since his due date was June 10th we should just now be celebrating his 2nd birthday.  In the past 60 days he has changed a TON.  He's moving faster, talking more and every ounce of baby is gone!  He's becoming so self sufficient and is beginning to really want to do things himself.  From what the doctor says, after age two his prematurity won't be as noticeable.  Although toddlers are still doing lots of growing and changing it's not quite as drastic as in infancy.  Regardless, we love baby boy just how he is!! 

I'm sure this detailed list of "what William's doing" is pretty boring to most people.  I, on the other hand, love looking back and reading what our little buddy was doing at each stage.  I always wish that time would stop.  That I could freeze all these precious moments.  ....but I can't.  Honestly, I'm just as excited about tomorrow with William and G as I am about today and yesterday!  That's the beauty of being a parent.  You are so hopeful and excited for the future.  :)

Eating- William is back on a squeezey packet kick.  There for a while he wouldn't eat them?!  These days he requests them.  He tried watermelon for the first time and is a big fan.  Mac N Cheese is still on the top of his list.  He'll get a tupperware container out and say, "I want cheese!"  He's noticed that this is what I put the leftover mac n cheese in (very observant!).  Oatmeal and hotdogs are quickly climbing the charts as William's favorites.  He'll even eat asparagus (he calls them    

Sleeping- No changes here.  He has been staying up a little later than normal (8:30pm) because it's still light outside at 8:00.  The little guy just wants to play and play and play outside.  After reading books William gives Gordon and me several kisses before we lay him down.  This is the sweetest part of our day.  :)  He say, "Bye bye daddieee.  Wuv you mama."  #be still my heart 

Development- He's become a lot more aware of his body.  Just a few weeks ago he noticed the birthmark on his right shoulder.  Every night during bathtime he show us.  He also points to his little nipples a lot...that should be a fun talk one of these days when he is aware that girls are different than boys!  At the beginning of May William started telling us, "I pooped".  Sure enough, he is right 90% of the time.  He still wakes up in the morning with a wet diaper so I don't think we are quite ready for potty training.  William is proving to have an excellent memory like his mama.  He talks about his grandparents all the time.  He correlates pinecones with his Mimi and choo choos with his Nana. 

Personality- He is talking a lot more.  We still don't understand 50% of it but it's getting better.  He loves telling us stories and uses his hands a lot to describe what he was doing (I think he gets that from me too).  He was trying to tell his teacher that he went swimming with his daddy and we told him to kick his feet.  William's version goes like this....."innn daaa wader wit my daddieeee (and then he starts kicking his legs around), in daaa wader!" 

Things William Loves- Choo Choos.  He's become obsessed since his birthday party! 

William's Favorite Things to Say and New Words-  "I'm two", butterfly, hat, apple, beach, water, house, Choo Choo, night night, owl, boo boo, ouch, he calls his paci "My" or "Mine", snack ,bus, bug, baby, balloon, heart, hot dog, cheese, hot, spoon, bubble, oatmeal (o-meal which ends up sounding a lot like Elmo), rock (which sounds like walk...he also tells us now "I wanna walk!"), peas.  Asking him to say peas please is hilarious.  "peees peess".  William says "oh noooo" about everything.  If he throws food on the food he says "oh nooo", like it wasn't an intentional act.  Kids.  When you explain something to him like daddy is at work he says, "ooooooooooooh".  His other favorite saying is "oh WOW", "I'm stuck", "where he go?" and unfortunately "stop it".   The first thing he says when we get home is, "Where's my daddieee?"  He can now recognize the colors yellow, black, pink and blue and can pretty much repeat anything you ask him to.   

First Time-  We had our first visit to the dentist at the beginning of May.  It was pretty uneventful.  He has gotten 1.5 more teeth since April and he's even trying to brush his own teeth at night.  William has been very curious about the sprinkler in the back yard.  So, a few weeks ago he and Gordon played in the water!  Such a fun childhood memory for me.  :) 

I sure do love this little boy!!!  He can be such a ham and even says CHEEESSSEEE when he sees my camera! 

I can't stop time from passing so I'll just keep dreaming about the great things ahead!  Will William's love of music lead him to play an instrument?  Will he have a beautiful voice and sing in the choir?  Will his love of trains and figuring out how things work lead to engineering?  Will his sweet natured personality motivate him to go into health care?  Will this strong little boy take after his daddy and be a power lifter? 

The list goes on and on....and I'm EXCITED for it all.....whatever it may be!


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