Sunday, June 8, 2014

Birthday Festivities

I'm a little behind on William's birthday festivities.  Hopefully I'll get his birthday party posted this week!  On William's actual birthday we were in Texarkana for Easter weekend.   The country club was having an Easter egg hunt, magician, a bounce house, and a train that day so we made plans to join in the fun and even invited some of our friends to come celebrate with us!
 Ever since William's 2nd birthday party he has been OBSESSED with trains.  He calls them "choo choo".  So, obviously, he was thrilled to see the choo choo there!  On the other hand, he was terrified of the Easter bunny and the egg hunt, with all the kids, was a little over whelming.  But, he loved the train and we had a great lunch with our friends.  Meal time with a bunch of kiddos can be challenging but luckily most of them were mesmerized by the magician (and the cupcakes).

{Dinner with family on Friday} {Not too sure about the egg hunt} {cute birthday cake} {he rode the train for an hour with Aunt Em} {Scared to death of the bunny} {Love these ladies and their sweet baby boys} {Balloon Animals!} 

Big thanks to Mimi and Grandad for putting this fun morning together and for watching baby boy that night so we could have date night.  We have the best parents ever.  :)  #blessed


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