Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Quiet Easter

Things were pretty quiet and uneventful at our house this Easter. We've gone to Texarkana the past three years so it was kinda sad to be stuck here.  It's well worth it if it helps baby boy stay put a little longer!  It does make me more excited for next years Easter!!  I can't wait to dress William up, take Easter bunny pictures, and hunt eggs (as best as a one year old can I guess).
We spent the weekend laying around of course.  Gordon did the grocery shopping, picked up some pants that were being altered at Dillard's, ran to Home Depot for outside light bulbs, bought stamps for thank you letters, went fishing Friday evening, and did some cooking on the Green Egg.  We watched lots of Chopped episodes and the movie Warrior.  The movie was actually pretty good.  I am NOT a fan of UFC so I was taken by surprise. 
Other exciting brother is officially a married man!  In honor of his Jamaican wedding Gordon took me on a date to get a snocone.  I got coconut :) since it reminds me of the beach (and it's always been my favorite flavor)!  Poor Gordon had to wait in line for 45 minutes.  What a good hubby! 

Cheers to Dustin and Skye

Gus insisted on sitting right there

31 weeks


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