Tuesday, December 31, 2013

20 months old

20 Months Old

Eating-  Baby boy has become a little pickier about eating lately.  He eats the best when we are at home and sticking to our normal routine.  William loves green beans.  He'll even eat them cold!  He used to eat yogurt every day until the past 2 weeks.  Guess he got burned out!  I can get him to eat any meat if I put it in a wheat tortilla with cheese!  His new daycare cooks their own food for lunch so I'm hoping he starts to try (and like) new things.  I'm still sending food from home but hoping that he starts to venture out soon.  

Sleeping- William is still doing great in the sleep department.  Things aren't very fun when he's sick but that's to be expected.  His nap time at school is an hour earlier than at his old school.  Nap time is usually 12-2 now.   

Development-  William continues to change and learn something new everyday.  He is constantly "talking".  When you say ONE...he follows up with TWO, THREE.  He knows where his ears, head, belly, nose, eyes, teeth, feet and hands are.  He loves stacking blocks (actually he loves to stack anything).  We've even had people stop by our table at restaurants and say it looks like we have a little engineer on our hands.  Taking after his Uncle D.  His bottom 2 teeth are nearly all the way in and it looks like some top ones are making their way through. 

Personality-  William definitely knows what he likes and dislikes.  He's even learned the word NO.  It's pretty cute when he says it.....I'm sure it won't be for long.  William makes us laugh non stop.  I couldn't be more in love with this age.  He's just so sweet and innocent.  He is already taking after the men in his life....he's obsessed with deer.  He can spot a deer from a mile away and it's all he wants to talk about and look at. 

Clothing size- Nothing has changed in this category.  Still size 4 diapers and clothes 12-18 months.   

Things mommy loves-
If you ask him what a cow says he says "mooooo".  If you ask his what a dog says he says "moooo".  Pretty hilarious.  He's just so sure that everything says moooo.  Even Santa.  Once you tell him Santa says HO HO HO he says, "OH OH OH".  Adorable.
William calls both me and Gordon MAMA.  He can say Dada but is certain we are both Mamas.   
William squeezes onto me really tight when we walk out into the cold weather.  So sweet. 

Things WJG loves- He loved our Christmas tree and loves looking at the pictures of him with Santa. William's favorite day is when the Wilson's come over to play!  He just laughs and laughs at them.  Older kids are his favorite.  Singing the ABCs makes him happy and he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES music.  He loves dancing and reading books.  Just like his mama!   

Things WJG doesn't like- He's always sad to get into the car seat but calms down pretty quickly.  He will not eat those squeezy fruit pouches anymore.  No idea why.  Thankfully, he loves green beans and blueberries.  He wants to be independent so meal times can be messy.  He's great with a spoon now!

Funny Dad Moments- I heard Gordon tell William the other night, "Thank you for using your words."  I felt like an official parent. 

First time- Right after William's 20 month birthday he made his first trip to Birmingham, Alabama to visit his aunt and uncle. 

From the Doctor- Since William's 18 month check up we've been back to the doctor twice.  Once for hand, foot mouth and then for pneumonia.  Dr. Freedman is always so impressed by how calm and patient William is.  Even when he's sick he's sweet.  Every time we see Dr. Freedman he tells me how happy he is with his progress.  I'm so grateful that he's only had to be on antibiotics twice in his lifetime.

  • He loves sticking his tongue out like this.  He can feel those new teeth!
  • Not so into this picture taking thing.
  • Nope.  Not doing the blanket picture.
  • Being silly (he loves his nativity scene on the night stand). 
  • Playing in his crib.
  • He loves his "big boy" chair.
  • Giving the giraffe a kiss.
  • Handsome baby boy!
I've had a few people tell me that 18-24 months is the best time with your toddler.  They are just so fun and sweet that you can't wait to start trying for baby #2.....and then the terrible 2s come and you get nervous.  HAHA.  I'm preparing myself for the crazy terrible 2s but loving every minute of our sweet baby boy until then.  :) 

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