Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Preview of Our Thanksgiving

Look at that precious little turkey hand!  We sure are grateful for little guy who made this.  
We headed to west Texas for Thanksgiving last Wednesday for some family time.  As usual, we had a great time in Midland.  Lots of R&R and good food.  Unfortunately, on our flight home we left our laptop behind.  :(  I'm praying that they find it...if not I guess we are in the market for another computer.  So, until I have a computer I can't upload our photos from the weekend.  I'll do another post soon (I hope)....but for now, here's a few highlights!

William loved Skye's pumpkin spice cake!

We did a little Christmas shopping at Miss. Cayce's.  William was obsessed with the singing dear!

William LOVED the puppies!  He played with them ALL. DAY. LONG.  He can now say "doggie" and "Otis".

We went to church and then headed to the country club for a yummy lunch.

And now we are back in Houston with a sick baby.  The poor little guy has pneumonia now.  Although things have been crazy busy and William has been under the weather most of the month....I'm just glad that we are as healthy as we are and that we have each other.  Work's been tough for me lately so I just try to remember to always count my blessings!  

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