Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby's 2nd Christmas

It's hard to believe that Christmas was almost a month ago!  We were busy bees on Christmas day and since then we've gone out of town twice.  One day I'll catch my breath.....
Christmas morning was so much fun with William this year.  He was so excited to see what Santa had brought him.  His little face was priceless.  To say he loves his new blue truck is an understatement.  We can hardly get him off the thing!  His nana, papa, mimi and grandad did a great job getting fun stuff for William's new playroom.  He's a lucky little man.
Here was our Christmas day agenda:
  • Late breakfast with my parents, Gordon's parents and Emily.
  • Headed to the other side of town to hang out at Grant and Emily's new house with some of her family.
  • Back home to get ready for Christmas dinner with the Wilson's (thankfully my mom was there to help with the cooking!)
We love having the Wilson's right down the street.  :)  The kids play great together which means the adults can sit back and (semi) relax.      

  • Before Christmas Eve Mass and dinner at Escalantes
  • Santa visited our house
  • He loves his belly button!
  • Papa taking William on a ride in his new truck
  • Hey, what's in this things?
  • Christmas morning
  • Let's open some presents guys!

  • OMG!  This face cracks me up.  He's always SO excited and happy.
  • Finding the first of many surprises on Christmas morning.
  • Aunt Emily is too funny
  • Playing at Grant and Emily's 
  • He loves his daddy
  • A teepeeeeeeeeee!!
  • Truck. Check. Elmo. Check. Reindeer. Check.  Life doesn't get much better than this.
  • Best picture we could get of these little rascals.
  • The next Iron Chef, ladies and gentlemen!

In their Christmas JAMMIES!  Hopefully they'll be best friends forever!

 William loves his kitchen and new teepee.  It only took this mommy and daddy a mere 3 days to put the kitchen together (his excitement made it all worth while).  You would think putting the thing together would have made me want to strangle Gordon....nope....just the opposite.  He was hilarious.  "Lindsey, just put piece #350 over in the corner.  I'll be getting to that at sunrise."  HAHA.  Good times, great memories.
Kisses for Baby Jesus
 But, the most important thing of all during this entire Christmas season is loving Baby Jesus!!!  


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