Friday, January 24, 2014


The day after Christmas we made our first trip back to Birmingham since Ashley and Brandon got married 4 years ago!  It was obviously William's first trip to Alabama.  Lucky for us, William slept on the flight there and on the way back.  Every flight with him is different.  You just never know what you're gonna get.  :)
We had a great time with the Gooding side of the family.  We finally got to see Ashley and Brandon's "new" home.  The word beautiful doesn't do it justice.  I'm so envious of their great outdoor space.  Houston just doesn't compare. 
Ashley was prepared for the little mans arrival....she had lots of fun toys to keep him entertained during our long weekend in Birmingham.  During our stay Brandon did lots of grilling (YUMMM), the boys went duck hunting one day, we did some shopping and had a mini birthday celebration for Grant.  You can't beat a relaxing weekend away from home with family. 

  • The Gooding guys
  • Mesmerized by the leaf blower!
  • Hanging with his mimi
  • My little hunters
  • Giving hugs (note the deer in his right hand....he's obsessed)
  • The boys staying busy cooking on the Green Egg
  • He loves anything that looks like a vacuum!
  • Grant's 30th birthday celebration
  • Sister In Laws!
Birmingham is such a beautiful city.  Hopefully we'll make it back to visit sooner than later!


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