Sunday, January 12, 2014

Guest Post for TCH

Have you ever noticed that in every stage of life you are looking ahead to the next? When you’re in high school you’re thinking about colleges, when you’re in college you’re thinking about the city you’ll live in once you graduate, when you get married everyone starts talking about when you’ll have babies, and when you have that first little blessing, you’re asked about siblings. It’s a wonderfully vicious cycle, having something to look forward to makes life exciting.

Before Gordon and I could consider moving onto our next “stage” in life, baby #2, we had to add an extra step. Try to prevent another premature baby. Soon after finding out I was pregnant with William, we learned I had a mis-shaped uterus. This is what caused me to have William eight weeks early. We wouldn’t be able to tell if my preterm labor was caused by a septum or if it was a true bicornuate uterus until after I had surgery. So, this past August I put all my faith into Dr. Zepeta, with the Women’s Specialists of Houston at the Pavilion for Women and went into surgery with lots of hope.

We didn’t know what the outcome would be. For all we knew, my uterus would be unfixable. Gordon and I thought about it a lot after having William. How would we manage work, a baby in the NICU and spending time with William, our rambunctious nearly 2 year old? Of course we can and will do it if that’s the cards we’re dealt…..but why not try to prevent another NICU stay?!?! My preop appointments went great. My labs and my preop appointment with my OB/GYN and the anesthesia team were all done at the Pavilion. The surgery went great. Everyone was so friendly. They did a great job of explaining what they would be doing (from starting an IV to post-op pain care) and everyone was very attentive to my entire family’s needs. The Pavilion got an A+ again…First with William and then with me.

Although we are pretty certain any future pregnancies I have will come with some not so typical issues, I am still 100% happy with my decision to have surgery. Gordon and I have done all we can do to help our future babies stay in utero as long as possible. I have faith in the medical team that has been caring for me throughout this entire process. I know they will continue to do an excellent job. Knowledge is power! By having this surgery my doctors learned more about me. We will all be better prepared if there is ever a baby #2 for the Gooding family!

Right now we are really enjoying our little buddy. We are prepared and ready for whatever comes next in this wonderful adventure that we call life.


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