Monday, February 10, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday Week 3 and 4

As always, I’m a bit behind in the blogging world because of all the traveling we’ve been doing!  Here's what we were up to at the end of January.

“WEEK 3” 
We headed to Texarkana for a long weekend to visit Gordon’s parents.  It had been nearly 9 months since we last visited Texarkana!  We try to make it there at least a few times a year but things got so crazy with moving and family vacations that it just never happened. 

Our weekend was jammed full of fun stuff!  Gordon got to bow hunt, we met baby Charlie, had a night out with some friends, had a playdate with Haven and her kiddos, went to church/lunch with our favorite Ms. Carolyn and did lots of playing.  We’re already planning our next trip back this coming April! 

{Being silly with his daddy} {William got a new “beep beep”} {Playing out on the golf course after lunch at TCC} {He loved going down the hill on his “beep beep”} 

“WEEK 4”
I was so glad to have off on MLK day.  It’s always nice to have a day off after being out of town (to get all the “normal” stuff done).  William and I went to the grocery store, did some laundry and of course played, played and played.  William is still such a happy, fun loving little boy.  He has really started to love books so we do lots of reading.  Balls and cars/trucks are a close second and third.  He hasn’t quite mastered catching a ball but he can sure throw one!  Since I had two days off work that week the other day I took William to daycare for half a day so I could clean our garage.  We still had random boxes to unpack and lots of organizing that needed to be done.  Things are really starting to come together at the new house {my closet is even super organized!}.  .Next on the home improvement list.....painting.  Let me know if you have a favorite color that I need to check out.  :)

{A very messy spaghetti eater.  Note the yogurt melts in his hair} {Playing with his trains.  Look Mom, a ball!!!}  {Baby boy last year at the doctor’s office with his first fever/ear infection}

WEEK 5 will have to come a little later.  We went to Austin that weekend and I left my camera in my mom’s purse.  L  More on our fun wedding weekend in Austin when I have pictures to share!!


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