Saturday, October 18, 2014

Long Weekend Away

We spent the first weekend in October visiting family in East Texas!  Gordon spent most of his time hunting and working out at the farm while we did lots of playing.  The weather was beautiful so we took advantage and literally spent ALL day outside on Friday and Saturday.  This momma spent nap time reading and getting some much needed R&R!  G and I even got away for a few hours on Saturday night.  We were all pleasantly surprised when William slept until 9:30am on Sunday!  In our house, that's unheard of.  :)  

Laying outside looking up at the pretty trees, searching for pine cones.
I found out I was pregnant with this little man 3 year ago!
10.5.2011       #blessed
  • Walking through Mimi's garden
  • This kid would live outside if we'd let him,
  • This picture sums up William's life.  Always getting love and attention from everyone!  "Week 40" of 2014 is a special weekend for the Gooding family.  We welcomed another baby Gooding into the world.  William's a cousin and I'm an aunt to a sweet baby girl. :)  I'm over the moon excited about this chapter in our life.  Little man will have to get used to sharing the attention with KJG!
  • Snuggles with Daddy.
  • Going on a ride!
  • We are ready for Fall.  
  • He loved picking out pumpkins and then helping Mimi decorate outside.  
  • The pictures below melt my heart.  He loves looking out those windows searching for the cat, Smokey Joe.  

These two pictures were taken 18 months apart.  It's crazy to see how much they change in that amount of time,  Sigh.  I can't believe my baby is a little boy now.  Thankfully, he still adores his mama.  

We can't wait to get back to East Texas for more pine cone searching and four wheel riding!!

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