Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Ebola Scare

While driving to work this morning (at 5:45am...yuck!) several of the talk shows discussed the Ebola case in Dallas.  Which then, of course, brought up the topic of movies such as Contagion.  Silly.  I get being scared but I also believe in educating yourself and learning the facts and protecting yourself/family.

I've said it a million times.....I keep up with my blog for personal reasons (memories!) and in hopes of educating others. With that being said here are a few fun facts about Ebola that I've come across!

Important facts to remember about Ebola
Most of the population in West Africa doesn’t have Ebola.
As of September 30, there had been about 6,500 cases of Ebola diagnosed in Guinea, Liberia, Senegal and Sierra Leone. However, more than 20 million people live in these countries. This means fewer than 1 percent (.03 percent) have the virus – 99.97 percent of the residents in these countries do not have Ebola.
Diagnosis occurred in Dallas, but the disease source is still in Liberia.
Tuesday’s news revolves around the first case of Ebola that was diagnosed in the U.S. However, the source of transmission originated in Liberia – not here. Nothing has changed about the epidemiology of this virus in the U.S.
Ebola is not a highly infectious disease.
Ebola is a blood borne pathogen – it is not transmitted like the flu or other airborne viruses. It is spread only when symptoms are present.
The CDC is the best source of information, not the media.
The best way to allay any concerns is to educate yourself. The most current information about Ebola is available online from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
There you go folks.  Just a little food for thought.  Hope everyone has a happy weekend....mine is starting NOW!  :)

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