Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lake Livin'

Writing this post makes me a little sad because it's the last weekend that we were still pregnant and excited to be welcoming two new babies into the Hattenbach family (ours and my brothers).  I'm the oldest of all my cousins, and to be honest don't have much in common with them due to the large age gap.  So, being pregnant with Skye and having babies that close in age was exciting!
Anyways, onto our annual lake trip!   This year we headed to Cedar Creek Lake to meet my family.  Since the lake was so close to East Texas Gordon's parents even joined us for a day.  Besides it being really windy on Sunday the weather was beautiful.  The best part was the lake wasn't very crowded!    We had so much fun out on the water and just laying around the house relaxing, eating yummy food and playing games outside.  William is still talking about the jet ski rides he took with daddy and papa.  :)    

{Ready for a boat ride} {Going for a ride with Daddy} {Naptime}
{Fun with Papa} {Hanging with Nana} {Trying out Mama's shades}
{The gang} {So much fun!} {Big boy driving the boat with Uncle D} 

It's been kinda fun checking out different lakes in Texas!  Let me know if you have any recommendations.  We were thinking about LBJ next year.

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