Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rosemary Beach 2014 Part 2

Every year a conversation comes up about where our annual Gooding vacation should be....and every year the "Gooding kids" give the same answer, Rosemary Beach.  We've all fallen in love with this quaint little town at the end of 30A.  There's not much traffic, you can walk or ride your bike to any where you want to go, it's quiet, the beach is beautiful and it's family friendly.  We love everything about Rosemary Beach!

We pretty much stuck to our normal places to eat/drink but did try out a couple of new places.  One night we hired a nanny service (Nanny Can) to watch the little man.  We had the best adult night out!  We started the night out with drinks at The Pearl.  This hotel is beautiful with breathtaking views of the ocean.  It would be the perfect place to stay with your hubby for a long weekend.  This year we got to enjoy a concert in the park.  Well, Gordon and I didn't since we were out on a date, but William and the rest of the family did!  William loves guitars and music so he was in heaven!  Apparently, he danced the night away.  :)

Here are some links to places to check out in Rosemary Beach (that I didn't post last year).

The Pearl- new hotel, perfect place for happy hour
Paradis- great restaurant for adult night out, the Sriracha margarita is to die for!
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt- William went here everyday with his grandparents
The Donut Hole- new restaurant with more than just donuts
Sugar Shak- we spent a lot of time here this year.....being the only grandchild is rough for William :)

William was a HUGE fan of his bike seat.  He would tell us he wanted to go for a ride and would point to his head (he knew he had to wear the helmet).  If it was up to William (and me), we'd live at the beach all year long.  What's not to like?  Sun, bike rides, playing in the water, sand castles, lots of ice cream eating, going to the candy store everyday, and getting loved on by his family all day long.  Our reservations are already made for next year.....we can hardly wait for May 2015!!!!!

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