Sunday, September 14, 2014

4th Annual RB Vacation

FiNaLLy!!!  I've finally gone through the 200 pictures we took while we were in Rosemary Beach back in May.  I'm sure Gordon and William are sick of my picture taking but I doubt I'll be changing any time soon.  The memories are too precious!

We had the best week in Rosemary Beach for the 4th annual Gooding Beach Vacation.  I was so much more relaxed this year.....knock on wood....things with William are getting easier in so many ways.  William's first year to the beach was hard just because he was so tiny and I was having to pump every three hours.  As soon as I would finish up and get down to the beach it was nearly time to head back up.  Last year was better but still not as easy as this year.  There was a lot of sand eating last year and he actually preferred to be at the house pool playing instead of the beach.  This year was perfect!  William loved the sand, by the fifth day he was mesmerized by the ocean, his grandparents spoiled him with ice cream everyday, Gordon and I got lots of us time and we all got much needed R&R.

As you can see, William became quite the beach baby!  He played, played and played some more.  We would usually head down to the beach an hour after breakfast.  William would play for an hour, eat a squeezy pouch, we'd go for a walk, he'd have another little snack, play for a little bit more and then we'd head up for lunch and naptime.  During that time Gordon and I had 2 -3 hours of peaceful beach time.  

We even went crabbing one night.  William still talks about the crab that bit his daddy's finger.  He says, "da beach, daddy, OUCH!" when he sees a picture of a crab.  The Gooding guys spent most of there days playing games on the beach.  William was pretty interested in the bean bag toss game.  

  • Brandon and Ashley did a fabulous job, as usual, on the fish fry and shrimp boil dinners we had a home!
  • William loved going on bike rides.
  • Checking Aly Beach out with Daddy.
  • My little man. 
  • This. Melts. My. Heart.
  • Playing with Uncle Grant. 
  • Taking it all in with Aunt Em. 
  • Those baby blues will get ya!
  • Dinner at George's. 
Rosemary Beach is a little piece of Heaven on Earth!!  {more pics coming tomorrow}

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